Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jungle Fever

I remember the first time I saw my best girlfriend show up with a boyfriend that wasn’t white. I have to admit, it surprised me. Not that it was bad, it was just different. Different enough that she felt obligated to tell me why she was with him. He was good looking enough. There wasn’t a problem with that. He wasn’t thuggish. So she explained to me that she just felt so much more like he was manly. I must admit, her past boyfriends were such pushovers. They were so pussy whipped, it bored her. She met the guy at a mall, and started dating. The next thing I know, I’m watching her sit down as if she fell off a bicycle and hit her pussy on the curb. The sex with my boyfriend was fine, and I had my orgasms. But I never found myself saying what she was confessing as she sat, “Jesus, he fucked me so long and hard I feel like one big fuck toy, nothing else, just made to be fucked hard and left sore. I can still feel his cock overflowing my pussy it rammed it so deep.” When they broke up, she didn’t say a word about how much she loved him, all she cried about was, ‘I’m so addicted to his cock, I’ll never get over him.” She did. She married, divorced, and went back to black. I lost track of her when she moved to Chicago after meeting a girl with links to the Bulls. Jungle Fever impressed her so much sexually that she stopped being the prey and started hunting it on her own!

So now 5 years later, I’m about as far from being a virgin as a girl can get. But always with white guys (two Asians, but an hour after fucking them you want to fuck again, don’t know why.) I had had enough of this guy I’d been fucking and dating. (They don’t always go together.) He was cool, and all my girlfriends told me to put out the effort, that he was a keeper. But the truth is, I wasn’t feeling challenged, or very sexual with him. We’d have our role playing and other fetish fun. But I didn’t feel like a sexed up woman with him. The pressure inside me to need to be treated like a fuck toy, a woman relentlessly fucked in every hole, treated like I existed to make a man’s cock cum were growing to the point that I was picking fights with him. I’d fantasize about gang bangs, about cops forcing sex – anything to make up for the fact that I didn’t feel like a sex addicted slut going crazy for his cock.

That was my frame of mind when I had to fly to Dallas to my brother’s college graduation. I sat down on the plane and was happy to have the seat next to me open. But at the last minute, this really fit, 30-year old black man sat down, dressed really sharp. The plane took off, and we started to chat. He was returning home after his buddy’s bachelor party. It was not the best – his fiancé caught on and cancelled all the sexy games and stripper girl. He wasn’t too talkative, but there was something about him. When he looked at me, his eyes were very commanding, and his voice very authoritative. He didn’t make excuses for how he thought or acted, he was all man. I don’t remember when my pussy started reacting to his vibe, maybe it was when his hand breezed over my knee when he was putting the magazine back. Or it was when his eyes looked at my tits when I purposely opened a button. I was definitely wanting to press his buttons, but nothing I thought would lead to anything. I know he was into me, but we were both tired, since it was a 6 a.m. flight. I closed my eyes and pretended to nod to sleep, with my arms crossing my chest to push my tits out, and my skirt hiking up. That’s when I saw it. His cock. It was pushing up his pants, pointed right at my thigh. I thought nothing of it, until it kept on growing … and growing. He was wearing slacks to it became really obvious.

I could see him looking at my body, and so I squirmed around enough to make him want it more. My pussy was so wet, it throbbed. Wet pre cum started to stain his leg, and he began to get a little nervous. I wanted more! So I made sure that my fingers slipped to rest between my thighs, and this drove him crazy. We were playing it cool, not noticing how fast the time was going. Before we were ready, the announcer said that we were preparing for landing.

I had to pretend to wake up, and brushed my tits against his arm, then his face almost when I got my bag out. When we left the plane, it turns out we both just had carry on bags. We were both going to the same direction, and he had a rental SUV already booked for him, so I went ahead and took a ride with him.

On our way into town, I could see now that he had a very focused voice and it felt sexy. He was telling me what to do since we got off the plane. Not asking me, saying, “Go this way, “ and “Treat your man right and all the other troubles in life go away.” I was feeling submissive and his woman before we even touched. We were early and hungry so we stopped in at his place.

It was a nice condo, very masculine. It was hot enough for us both to prefer a beer chasing down a shot of tequila. I was on his deck, and after one of the shots, I was feeling even more sexual. I knew I was asking for it, but I had to bend over to supposedly get into my purse, but baby I needed that cock. And he didn’t hesitate. He slid his hand on my ass, and rubbed it with his hand. I backed it up instantly, and suddenly he’s ripping my clothes off and I’ve got my hand down his pants. Mother of God, that is what I call a COCK!

His lips were so full and sexy. I never sucked on lips that made me want to suck cock so bad in my life. And he knew it. He was talking to me like the slut I wanted to be, “Those lips were made for sucking my cock, slip that black snake in them and suck it.” Everything he said turned me on. And when that snake was out, it was not just the biggest cock, but the hardest! I could pound nails with it, and that was so sexy.

His skin was so soft and his ass so solid, his thighs flexed and his ass bulged as he drove his cock into my mouth. I couldn’t wait to have it in me. In seconds he literally picked me up like a sex toy and bent me over the sofa. I was right alongside a mirror, and watched his stroke his huge cock twice and line it up to my pussy. I opened my lips with my fingers knowing this was going to be a huge one. I watched his ass muscles flex as he shoved it in, all the time hollering how tight my white pussy was. Our black and white skin became a moving work of art as he drove it in and out, deeper and deeper. I never took so much hard cock in my life. And he was turning all animal. He totally dominated me with his voice and body.

The fucking went on and on. He came once, got a little bit softer, but then I sucked it and got it rock hard again. We fucked in a half dozen positions until I couldn’t take any more. We collapsed into a heap on the bed. In a few hours I woke up and he was all ready for round three. We fucked some more but my phone was ringing. I was so late.

He drove me to meet my family, and all the way I could not keep my hand off his cock. I did not realize it, but this would re-define the way I look at sex, men, black men, and me as a purely sexual animal. I had to go back to my boyfriend, but now when I want to cheat on him, the first person I want is my black man! He loves that he turned me solidly into a Jungle Fever player. The skin, the vibe, the dominance, the animal nature of the relationship is the greatest high the submissive side of me ever felt. And I want more!