Thursday, December 2, 2010


Femboy Porn Star CeCe Luminos and New Comer Mariano Roecastle

I remember the first time I saw the Adult Book Store. I was just moving into a new apartment, taking over one that a college buddy of mine had rented for years. It was only 1 block from the beach. So this red-and-black one story building didn’t seem to fit in with the water-colored surf shops, bikini stores, sandwich shops, and liquor stores. I’m not much for X-rated, and with the Internet now I couldn’t figure out why the lot always had a few cars in it. It took a week for my buddy to move out, but on the last day he saw me looking at it as we drove past and said, “That’s the weirdest place I’ve ever walked into.” For me, sort of naieve about X-rated arenas, I just figured it was oddly decorated or had fetish porn only.

After settling in, I found the best sandwich places required that I walk right past it. For dozens of times I never even thought to walk in. But one time, two very hot girls entered with a dude, and that made me pay attention. I thought about going in but was so damn hungry. I had downed a shot of tequila, and chased that down with a beer. I had sneaked three tequila flight sized bottles into my pocket. I needed fish tacos. I got two small ones and two more beer. And sneaked one of the tequila shots. By the time I left I was pretty buzzed. Wow, those girls were hot. It was worth it to see if they were inside still.

When I walked in, the place was smaller than I thought it would be. The front had a sex toy area. The left had three narrow aisles of porn mags, with signs that said “Must Rent Mags If You Take Into Bathroom”. That was a first – borrowed jerk off mags. There was a divider in the mid –way point so I had to walk up and down the aisle past men reading porn to see if the girls were there. To the right there was a long wall of curtains. Black and red ones. I had no idea what was behind them, maybe private stripper shows I thought like peep shows, but needed to check this room out first. As I walked I remembered that the guys were eyeing me. I could not find the hot girls in there, but some of the mags were sexy. So I opened one up, got hard right away, but was still on a mission.

I walked to the third curtain opening toward the back (since that was where I was) and I was surprised to see that I was in an aisle and no either side were rooms. Toilet rooms actually. I thought maybe some would be peep shows, so I walked up and down. I could see into the rooms via the narrow vertical spaces and it seemed half were filled with guys looking toward the aisle. I went to the next row up the one in the middle of the store. These were the same, I could tell cuz the janitor was cleaning out one room, But what was different was that this row had doors going floor to ceiling. Looking in, the rooms had cushioned footstools of two heights – odd but I guess it’s for relaxing while jerking off. I noticed that two guys seemed to also need to check out the aisles right behind me, and figured they might be looking for the girls too. I ignored them but they seemed to be wandering. It was a perfect place to take a shot, and the bottles were cramming my pockets so I quickly drained the second to last bottle.

By now I had been hard a while, and that beer made me need to take a big piss. So I went into one of the rooms and shut the door. I stood at the toilet and felt good to let loose a good piss … but not as good as it must feel to the guy in the next stall because he let out a major moan that I heard through the wall. But wait, when I looked his way, I realized it wasn’t through the wall, it was heard from a hole in the wall. The hole was about belt high. At first I just wanted to wash my hands. But then I heard another moan, and the sound of a girl. Wow, maybe she is on the other side. So I bent down and looked in.

When I did, it took a while for my eyes to adjust … I saw a guy taking a pee. His cock seemed fat and big in his hand and he was having to pump out the pee, so I figured he had just cum and it was one of those times when you really need to piss but the cum muscles block it. I can relate, for sure. I heard the girl’s voice again, and I look to the opposite wall and see another hole! Oh wow, this place has holes in the wall to spy on people. That’s probably what my friend meant by weird. I figured I should get as good a story out of it and tell him later. I was thirsty again from the salty tacos so I downed a shot of tequila from the travel bottle. Then I go to the second hole, this time bolder because I had checked the other one,

When I look into it, I see the biggest hard on I’ve ever seen! It was cut, hard as rock, and fairly light in color. I would look away but wow this was big! The tequila must be hitting me because I remember going sort of dizzy. After taking a second to stand up, I had to see if it was that big again. I bent down and WOW it was right in front of the hole! It slide through the hole before I knew what was going on and it hit my check first then slid down toward my mouth. I was startled so I jumped back. The room was only 3 feet wide though so I was still so close that it seemed to aim right at my crotch, wagging but with an up angle. This guy was huge and proud of it. The tequila was really hitting me. I was not sure I wanted to go out, this was a new thing to me, and – well, this place was. I had touched a cock before, a few times when I was drunk in three ways in college. But nothing this big. I remembered suddenly a girlfriend that had fantasies of three way sex and me sucking the cock with her. All these thoughts came rushing into my mind as I was staring, and the next thing I know is I had downed the last shot and was hearing the guy say, “touch it.”

This was not only big, but I was curious how such a big cock could be rigid. In a way I wanted it to noodle-out when I pushed it down. So I did, but it was like an antennae. It sprung back up. My hand could barely get around most of it, and he moaned. So many ideas came to mind, and I guess it was the right cock at the right time. I started stroking it. It got even harder and the head swelled. My own cock was hard, and his cock disappeared and I saw his fingers jut in. I got dizzy seeing it and sort of drifted, and found myself pulling up a stool to kneel on. My own cock was hard enough to let out, but I felt small compared to him. Still I went over and stuck it through. I expected to feel a hand but suddenly there was a mouth sucking the hell out of it. Holy shit, I almost shot my load in a second – and to this guy! I had to stop and pulled out .. and looked in to see if he was still on his knees, maybe I could talk to him, figure this out. But no sooner was I on my knees when his massive cock came through. This time it was aimed to my mouth directly. I grabbed it to stop it, and held it hard, and that made the head swell up huge and the veins pulsed. I had never felt such power in a cock before and it was intoxicating.

Not much thought goes on, I just see the head, and the next thing I know my mouth opens and I put the head in. And in some more. He juts his hips and the cock slides in enough to fill my mouth . He moans. A nice stream of pre cum drips off and instinctively I lick it. Wow, that wasn’t so bad. In fact it was natural. I wanted to stroke it a bit, and sure enough more pre cum. I needed to see how big this guy would get before he cums. I am new at this but I had instructed a few girls on how to give great head. I had no idea how naturally it would come to me. I was smoothly sucking and stroking. This was getting sexier and sexier. I had always been really oral with girlfriends. I loved how soft the skin was, and also loved seeing that my mouth and tongue could turn them on. And this was so much like it, only sexier, more to play with, and I had a sense of power knowing I could make him cum. A few seconds the idea of “what the fuck am I doing sucking his cock “ entered my mind. But, the truth is, my own cock was wet with cum. I had to take a break, my mouth was not used to this, and I needed a better position on the stool.

That was when I realized that the guy to the other side was watching. As soon as I took a break, he shoved his cock in. I needed a second of mouth break time, so I stroked his too. His was not so big, but was a good one with a hard head. I laughed at myself, sitting on a stool, with a hard cock in both hands. I blamed it on drinking .But really it was so hot I could not really thing.

I put my mouth on the one that was smaller, and it was okay but not as sexy. I could tell the guy on the first side needed to cum. But so did the other guy. I had pulled down my pants to jerk off and saw my own cock needed cumming. So I started sucking the huge cock again. But in a natural way, my ass rose up and started to be a target for the second cock. He looked in and whispered, “back that ass up.” No way, I thought at first. It was new enough for me to be sucking one. Sure, I had at times shoved dildos up my ass to experiment. And two girlfriends stuck their fingers up my ass when having sex. My ass was slick from the cum that had been dripping off my cock. I couldn’t get enough of the huge cock into my mouth at this angle. My ass was right in front of the second hole.

I didn’t care, I wanted that huge cock to cum. I had to see how much he could shoot. I sucked hard and well and could hear him building up. Then I could feel it. Wow what a sense of accomplishment, I was making the first cock cum, and it was a big cock at that. I was bent over, staring at it, stroking it and licking the head when the first blast came out. I had seen big loads in porno but didn’t expect one right now! My mouth was open, and I figured that I would maybe not be able to go through with swallowing, so when it sprayed out, it hit my face like a stream of hot piss! I opened my mouth and closed my eyes and the second spray was even bigger. With my eyes closed I lost balance and leaned back – RIGHT ON TO THE OTHER COCK! It didn’t go in, it almost did, and this first huge cock kept on spraying me! My asshole was moving side to side and the second cock was all over it, trying to get in. I got my balance and just had to taste some of that cum left. So I started sucking. To my amazement, not only did I like it, but his cock stayed hard.

I got really turned on and was sucking it hard enough to get it hard as rock. My moving around lined up my ass finally, and the second cock was there. I leaned back a little. Now was this amazing positioning that I am sure they planned. My mouth could suck the cock and my ass could just barely take in the second cock if I positioned the stool just right.

And sure enough, when I felt the huge cock ram into my mouth my ass worked its way back a few inches. Each time the second cock rode in a little deeper. The rhythm worked out slowly until I could rock between the two cocks, taking one in my mouth and one in my ass. If it did not feel so unreal and hot I would stop. The one in my ass hurt as it drove in, but the one in my mouth tasted so good and I knew I would never get this huge a cock in my mouth again. Nothing else was in my mind but the feeling of how this cock was starting to hit my prostate and make me hard and drip cum. My own cock wagged under me, harder and harder. I didn’t realize how amazing this would feel to have a cock in my ass. I was breathing so hard! The cock in my mouth was already loaded up for a second shot.

By now the cock was 2/3 up my ass, but I didn’t know it. I thought it was all the way up. The huge cock shot out cum, and my mouth took it this time. But in a frenzy I wanted more cock up my ass! I pushed down hard on it and realized it had another inch or two to go. I whimpered cuz it hurt, but by the third thrust I knew I was loosening up and could take it all. I backed up and the cock was now steadily hitting my G spot. My own orgasm was building, and then suddenly I realized how much I was moaning. I could see the first huge cock pull out and go away. In a few seconds the cock inside my ass felt bigger then it came ! I pulled off it hard and fast and it shot into the room, Since my own orgasm was happening I could only fall onto the floor and stool.

As cum soaked my stomach from both my cock and the ass cock, I was literally out of my mind with the hot sexy frenzy. I didn’t know who I was or where I was. It took a while to recover. I was trying to process the thoughts. Had I really just sucked my first cock and made it cum twice? Was one really up my ass? Was I this drunk and sexed up? I was just getting it together and standing. My pants were down so I pulled them up. I was still dizzy and my face in the mirror was slick with sweat. I washed my face, there was cum in my hair and shoulder area. I wiped it off. And felt better. I think I was returning to rational thought.

That’s when I saw them – two new cocks sticking in. I thought NO WAY. I need to think. But, as I was at the sink, my hand just had to touch the cock sticking through. In a second I knew that I was going to go for it. Was this for me? Was this the beginning? Maybe I should wait and figure this out. Or maybe I should after I try a few more so I have more data to work on. That second cock isn’t a cut cock, wonder how that feels. And the balls on the second cock were twice as big as any I had seen ever. I bet that explodes like nothing I have seen. Is this just the beginning of a long night? Part of me says, “I sure hope so.”

Now it has been six months living there. My buddy had broken up with his girlfriend and asked if I wanted to continue the lease because he wanted back in the area. But I had found that by far the most addicting and secret high was just down the street. My mouth had become a magic suck tool, and I loved cock more than I imagined. I was staying!