Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Carnal Carnival

Cum one, Cum all to the Carnal Carnival. Under this red top of sin and debauchery your deepest desires fulfilled, temptations of the flesh becoming reality. In this Circus of pleasures, let Brenda K. Giordano, ringleader, temptress and newest porn sensation to hit the big top supported by a plethora of the hottest most enticing porn stars and starlets,feed your perverse & raunchy appetites.

Cum One, Cum All – To the Land of CeCe Luminos and The Greatest Sex Show On Earth!

When P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” he could have been looking through my Sex Playroom. Cock sucking to the right, tit sucking straight ahead, lips sucking over there, even ass sucking right behind you. A man with his cock stuck in a fake pussy machine while he’s tied to the wall. A woman sucking on a man who’s sucking a cock. And this is just the first things you see as you enter my domain.

Step right up! Sit right down! You’re going for the ride of your life!

The world here is a web, a labyrinth of distractions, when all you want is an E-Ticket to mindblowing sex. So it hit me – take the sexiest, the best and most beautiful where they want to go. Keep it moving. Feed their need for eye candy and sin. Like a circus, one fantastic act after another.

You’ve found me, however you did, and you’ll make this one of your favorite pathways to new sexual experiences, new dominance, new submission, new perversions and obsessions.

This is the ride that “You must be at least this tall and your cock at least this long and your tits at least this perfect and your tongue this good at oral” that your parents never let you go on with them.

You can feel it permeating you the moment that you give up yourself to the ride. You feel it– the feeling that the sex is pursued here so intensely that anything outside these walls simply doesn’t exist. You become part of this massive sexual energy so thick it moves like a spreading spore, enveloping you and pulling you into total hedonism. Caligula would envy me. The rumors are legendary. Caligula saw that the only way to keep the citizens and elite from realizing he was a weak ruler in a weakening empire was to smother them with so much sex that their ability to think dissolved. And I do the same, except my empire is not collapsing, it expands with every pussy and cock that enters.

The lights and the eye candy are the showcase. It’s the sex that’s the main attraction. Come to my amusement park of fetishes, of addictive sex, and of ever-rising needs to cum and cum again.

We’ll start out in the foyer. Those hot bodies in the latex, the feathers, the domme leather and chains beckon you to go deeper, for their position in the foyer is to whet your appetite, stoke your imagination, so that when you see the most titillating sex that plays right into your kinky fetish you hop out and get your fill. The ride takes you down, down, down.

Welcome to my dungeon, where all the fetishes of bondage, discipline, and torment into transformation are welcomed. The men and women screaming in lovely ecstasy come every moment they can to get more and more! Back up, bitch and I’ll tie you into bondage for one of my slaves to whip.

The hotel rooms cater to the Little Boy, the Little Girl, the Daddy, the breast feeding Mommy, the Baby Sitter and School Teacher. Some rooms are 5-Star, but others are the trashy, dark, dirty ones that fulfill those who love tracking down whores and making sex as dirty and wicked as hell.

Recharge your energy in the restaurant -- the oral delight of the smorgasbord of sexual deviance. Hope out and you will be sucked and fucked, eaten and fed pussy, cock, tits, asses – your mouth gets worked, and you enjoy being the glutton for orgasms that you are!

Imagine it, the ultimate sex ride and exploration of a new world of cum shots, clits, nipples, nipple clamps, gorgeous outfits that beckon you to ravage or be ravaged.
You leave your old world behind, entering your special life, the life of total indulgence and satisfaction. You know you came her looking for this, you’ve accepted you cannot control your needs your fetishes demand. You know you want that cock in your mouth, that dominance, that surrender to your wicked self. Put it on autopilot and let me take over. I know what you want, and planted it in you with my alluring ways, my porn level sex rides and thrills. Give in and cum get it!

I have turned one of my domains into the most incredible sex arenas on SL. I know there are a lot of clubs, homes, and halls dedicated to any sex you wish to have. This is the only club of its type, because you are lured here, then I turn your fetishes loose to the point that they consume you

While most people enter any other sex club and see out what they wish, here, once the ball gets rolling, it’s nearly impossible to leave. That’s because of the detail, the people, and of course, Moi! Luckily, I have no limits on my sexual hunger.

Let me take over, and I’ll show you the sex you want, far beyond what you can think is your limit. For I am the wildest, sexiest, most wicked and impossible to resist creature in this world, and now I am in your mind, taking you where you need to go!