Monday, December 6, 2010

Jigsaws Demise

Good timing for you to finally wake up to the reality you call your life.

Give a liar enough rope, they’ll hang themselves.

Look around, and you have put yourself in a room with no friends. You hang by a noose with your feet barely able to reach the chair under you.

You find yourself here by no mistake of fate. If you could look closely at the noose you would find it to be made up of the digital tape you used to shoot your porn. If you had presented a more worthy example of porn, you would not be here because it would be hard to acquire your footage, but we found miles of it.

While the porn is the footage needed to dangle a body, the noose was tied by your lies. Each time you lied and pointed a paranoid, accusatory finger at your superior peers, you twisted the evidence of your sorry excuse for porn into the hangman’s noose that you now feel around your neck.

As with all hangman devices, you are safe until the platform you stand on falls from beneath you.

You will notice that there is a thick tube to the side of your mouth. The other end of that tube dips into a bowl of words that make up the lies you spread for no reason other than to feed your collapsing ego.

You now face a choice. Either you let your ego collapse by eating your words, or you let the chair collapse and hang you by your own sorry excuse for porn.

To make the words harder to swallow, they are made out of the shit that you call story and dialog.

Oh, and you might be tempted to get around this by using the clever device you use to add viewers to your own porn. But you will find out that saves no one. It just prolongs your agony by pointing a spotlight on your lack of supporters.

The clock is started.

Your either eat your words and admit your lies which will untie the noose around your neck … or the chair collapses when the bottom falls out of your reputation in Second Life. The choice is yours. Let the games begin Oops You Lose!!! Game Over.

CeCe Luminos Just OWNED your story My Dear Jack .. I mean Raa?, I mean Loser. alas you hung yourself today. Thank You Soooo Much.

Kisses from the Spider Trans Woman :) Now I'll Ignore you.

A video for the losers who hide behind their computer thinking their anonymity makes
them powerful but would never have the courage to confront you in person.