Monday, November 29, 2010

Lets PLay Ball!!

During my relaxing time this weekend I decided to hang out with one of my Fans. When it comes to producing and starring in any of my porn videos I always think of what my fans would enjoy. Well we decided to go play pool as he was busy wanking to one of my videos. Things became a little heated as we were by the pool table. See for yourself below. If any of you other fans are interested in taking some shots with me on my blog just let me know. Smiles...

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanksgiving was pretty eventful not only in real life but on second life as well. After stuffing myself with some holiday turkey I shortly returned home and found myself being stuffed by 2 of my creeping fans. Take a look for yourself.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Director and Porn Star With No Direction

The same stories repeat themselves, especially when it comes to the dreamers and desperate. I’ll give you an example and then tell you the target of my disdain.

A woman came up to the virtuoso pianist and wit Leonard Bernstein and said, “I would give my life to be able to play like you and move people to such emotion.” And without missing a beat and in front of all the patrons, he damned her with, ‘That’s the difference between you and me – I DID.”

Porn is art. Perhaps one of the purest arts, because its sole purpose is to force the viewer to feel something that moves him or her – in Porn’s case to pleasure and orgasm. You can look at a painting and say, “I think it effects me,” but with Porn you know it. It either has the story with or without dialog, sexy types of look that hit your erotic buttons, and level of cinematic artistry that gets you off or it doesn’t. When one ingredient is missing, usually the viewer isn’t effected enough, especially when he or she is evolved to the level that knows good from bad.

When every single element above is lacking, it isn’t Porn, it’s Crap. A waste of time. A reverse orgasm. A turn off. A trip to negative feelings about sex, yourself, and most of all the person who created the Crap. There is a director out there creating such with non-porn on Naughty Machinima making fun of other peoples work.

Now if I point a damning finger it is not just to put someone down there in the Hell they deserve, it is to maybe get it through the thick headed creators just how much their failure to deliver top quality Porn infects and sickens the world of sex, and especially the world of SL sex.

Porn is voyeuristic playing upon imagination … SL is to the extreme to the infinite degree. Therefore it requires a tight level of skill, an awareness that it has to be done right or not attempted at all.

In the 50’s men would get so hot watching blurred 8mm film of unattractive women they could toss loads in seconds and re-live their pleasurable sins for years. Wake up. It’s 2010. Images are supposed to be sharp. Story lines need to make sense and be creative. Women and men sexy as hell. Fetishes specific and intense. This is the meat of great Porn. To some out there? They find it feasible to put up what may be seen as humorous to some, Attacking those porn stars and directors who make the effort to present good work. Being featured on naughty machinima doesn't put you ahead of your game in the "Porn Industry on SL". While you attack and critique others and start drama you're going to start Lacking the elements that give a good Porn scene its merits. The attempt will be futile as No one will care about your work. The best movie being created is the drama you're creating at the hand of being discovered.

If I were fresh on SL and saw behavior,and then looked at the porn this person presents, I would still be yawning. The fact that I have worked months to fine tune the camera work, equipment, my stories, stars, and genres puts me on top, in a position to pass judgment on what truly sucks and damages the chances of truly satisfying an impressive Porn.

You can keep turning out junk and have a place on SL with the gutter snipes of sexual voyeurism and vicarious experiences. Word will spread more (as it already has) on what you deliver. But don’t make the mistake of claiming a throne or that you rank among those who developed the skills needed to impress the hell out of viewers to the point they become part of our Porn family, world, and achievement. This is SL! Not an old Hitari sex game played out with thumb controls. Get your talent, act, and profession together. Make the sacrifices and do the work that will ensure you a place among the best. Because right now your claims are being mocked by many in the porn industry and won’t easily be shed.

Do yourself a favor, and us a favor. Grow into greatness, rather than assume you get it with just a few lame attempts to seduce and get off.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dirty Seduction






I love to fuck. Want to fuck. Need to fuck. I need to fuck down and dirty and hard and rough. I need to feel the thick slide of a cock deep inside of me. I’m waiting for a good long fuck. Aren’t you? Don’t you wanna fuck? Good. I thought so. So let’s talk about fucking.

I’ll bet you like it, too. I’ll bet you like to shove that hard, long fuckstick straight into some t-girl’s tight pussy hole. I’ll bet you love ramming it in until she can feel it coming up the back of her throat. Maybe you want to stick in my ass, shove it deep right up the red back door. You love sex. You love sin. You love to hop the Hell Express and ride it straight down the shaft of a thick. Hard. Dick.I like that, too. I don’t care about heaven. I don’t give a shit about goodness or light. Fuck God. Fuck rules. Fuck me, fuck you, fuck the world. My god is SEX. I want a tongue, or fingers, or a good solid dick teaching me who’s boss. I want to get pinned, get stuck, get rammed and rimmed and roundly, soundly fucked. Take me out of myself, lover. Take me down to Hell with you. Fuck me like Satan himself.

I’m your Goddess, baby. I’m your devil-child. I’m your Mary and your Magdalene. I can rape your soul and your body and your mind. I can save ‘em, too. I can open you up and shut you down without even trying, ‘cause that’s who I am. I’m a saint. I’m a whore. I’m gutter-trash and heaven, lover, and I wanna fuck you blind.Fuck me deep into my soul. Fuck me like a beast, like fire, like a storm. Fuck me like a bitch in heat. Fuck me like the dog you are. Fuck me till you lose yourself in me. All yours world, all my world, all the world is just one. Big. Deep. Hard. FUCK
Your cock, my girlie cunt, is all there is in life.

Check out my tits, you horny fuck-hound. Check ‘em out. Check ‘em alllll out. Look at ‘em. Nice? Nice and big? Nice and firm? Mmmmmmm… I’ve got great tits, baby. I’ve got the best goddamn tits you’ve ever seen. You want them, don’t you? You wanna get your big old sweaty hands on ‘em. Grab my tits. Pinch ‘em. Bite ‘em. Bounce ‘em. Squeeze ‘em. They’re huge, aren’t they? They’re so fucking huge. I’ve got the best rack, the best tits, the best ass of any woman you’ve ever known. Go ahead — I won’t break. I’m rock-solid, stud. I’m a rock-the-fuck-solid-stone-cold bitch. I don’t bend. I don’t break. I work hard for this body, baby, so work your body hard for me.

Give me your cock. Give me your big, hard cock. Give me your cum. Spray it all over my goddamn face and make me lick it off. I’m your cum-guzzling whore-pig, so kiss me, you fucking dog. Taste your own spunk on my lips when we kiss. Lick your own salty sperm from my mouth. Mmmmmmm… doesn’t it taste good? Kiss me, goddammit! Kiss me deep! Kiss me ‘til I can’t breathe anymore. Show me what you can do, lover. Show me how a man fucks a woman when neither one’s ashamed.

Sweat for me, lover. Sweat up slick and slimy and slippery. I want to know you’ve been worked hard and put down panting, lover. I want you musky. I want an animal. I wanna fuck your big Bad Wolf. I want salt and dirt and pheromones. A little blood won’t hurt, either. I wanna run my tender pink tongue all down your sweaty chest, your legs, your balls. Just a taste. Pleeeeeeeeeease. I want to taste all of you. Eat me, baby. Eat me raw. Eat me until I moan. Till I cry. Till I beg you to stop… but you never will.

You wanna eat my ass? You wanna kiss it? You wanna taste it? I’ll bet you do. I want you too. I want you to glide your tongue across my firm round ass. Slower. Deeper. Closer, baby. Closer to my hole. Glide your tongue to me, baby. Glide it right into my ass. I want you in me, want you there, want you licking me inside-out. I want you to ream me with your hot, wet tongue.Mmmmm… God, your cock’s hard, baby. Massive. Erect. God, you’re trembling. You’re shaking. Your cock’s so hard, so red, so thick it looks like it could explode. I’ll bet that hurts. I’ll bet it does. [EVIL CHUCKLE] Too bad. Not yet. I’m not ready yet. I’m hot, and horny, and I really, really want you. But I’m not ready yet. I want you to beg.

I wanna spank your cock. I want to swat him and watch come back up for more. I wanna take my nails and run ‘em down along your shaft oooooooh so slowly. I want to watch your face as I scratch your dick with my sharp red nails. I want to take my tongue and flick it right across the tippy-top of your hard cock. [CHUCKLE] I love to watch you squirm. I want to torture your cock with my teeth and nails and tongue. I want you to suffer for my love.

Take your cock in your big hands, lover. Take that big cock tight between your fingers. Run your fingers up and down the shaft. Use your nails — that’s right. Harder. Mmmmmmm… look at him dance. Look at him swell. Squeeze him. Squeeze him harder. Mmmmmmm… look at that. Look at what you’ve got. You’ve got a huge red dick screaming for release. And I want that, baby. I want that cock in your hands. I don’t want love and tenderness, fucker. I don’t want hearts and flowers. I want you.

Close your eyes, baby. Close ‘em so that only I can see you. I want you to feel me. I want you to taste me. I want you to hear my breath and smell my sweat and taste my flesh on your tongue. Keep your eyes shut, lover, and come with me. Come down. Come down. Come down close and horny and ready to fuck.

Can you smell me? Smell my hungry girlie meat? Smell the juices that are running down my legs? Tangy and sour and oh, so sweet? I’ll bet you can. I’ll bet you smell that heady warm scent that comes from between a t-girls legs. If you try really hard, I’ll bet you can smell the drift of my sweat under the scent of rose perfume. Thick red roses. Thick red cock. Smell the raw wet scent of my boy cunt underneath? I’ll bet you can. I’ll bet you do. Breathe deep, lover. Smell me ready to fuck.

Taste me, baby, on your tongue. Taste my happy boy cunt. Taste the tangy salt and slick juices of my wet hole. Rose perfume and horny sweat. Glide your tongue along me, baby, and see how wet I am. Mmmmmm… can you taste the sour treasure of my ass, the sticky place where my legs meet? Taste how ready I am for you, baby. Lick your lips and think of me.

Oh, lover, can you hear my voice? [CHUCKLES] Of course you can — that’s how I tease you. That’s how I taunt you. That’s how I draw you in. Do I sound sweet to you? Like your horny little cum slut? [EVIL LAUGHTER] I’m your devil, baby. I’m your sacred whore. The sound of my voice is the sound of your damnation. It’s your salvation. It’s all of that and more…

[WHISPERS] Can you hear me breathing, baby? Hear me panting with lust for you? Hear the rustle of my hair and the pad of my bare footsteps? If you’re really, really quiet, you can hear my chest expand. Imagine that. Imagine my tits swelling with each breath of air. Listen, baby. Listen close. Then reach out. Reach out and touch them.Can you feel my tits, baby? Feel their warmth in your hand? Feel the hard nipples underneath your thumb? The light fuzz of fur on my skin? Yes, I’ll bet you can. I’ll bet you can touch me right now. I know you can feel the heat on me, rising up to meet you. [MOANS] God, I’m sooooooo hot for you. I’m SOOOOOOOO goddamned hot! You can feel it, can’t you? Feel it burning the palms of your hands. Feel it reaching out for your chest and your tongue and your cock. Oh, God your cock. I can feel it. I can feel it deep inside right now. Can you feel me, lover? Can you feel my heat?

to be continued, maybe :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rags to Riches-Portrait of a Femboy Hooker

Photo by xmike Deed

Porn Stars CeCe Luminos, Quinn Ying, and Key Llo come together in the first "Pretty woman Remake.. well lets say Femboy Remake, lol.. CeCe gets an offer she can't refuse from one of her tricks. Trailer Trash Beautician Quinn Ying is interrupted by CeCe as she goes over to get her hair done at the beauty salon and tells her story to Quinn..

Sex, Fame, and Rock n Roll.. You're Sure to enjoy this one.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pumpin CeCe


I'm Back!!!

Drew runs into CeCe Luminos at the gym as he prepares for his workout. Down on the floor as she does her situps Drew takes a quick peek at her tight rear end and can think of nothing more more then to give her a work out of his own. Sweaty Abs, Tight Ends, and Bulging biceps are what you'll encounter here as CeCe and Drew burn calories. What are you waiting for?
Drew may just be the guy you need to PUMP YOU UP.