Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stalker In The Night-Cock Galore

Pornstars: Draven Starflare-Wolf Productions
CeCe Luminos- Luminos Productions

Upcoming Pornstar- Simone Reverie

You would think it’s great, and sexy, to be haunted by a sex drive that always is on fire. Yes, it does make for unbelievable sex. And my lovers never want to leave me, once they get a taste of it. With a body like mine, I don’t even get a reprieve on my own. I look at it a few times, and it is almost like I can feel the cum a cock would create just to have me fuck and suck it, and it turns me on so much my mind becomes obsessed with sex. In fact, I have to accept over and over that I am created for sex, just like a shark is created to constantly move forward and do what he does best. Yet, I had decided that maybe I should hold back? Maybe I should try to balance out the voices in my head that keep telling me that my mouth is made for sucking, and that I know what to do with a cock better than anyone. On top of that, so many people know me, know of my sexploits. They knew I fucked the hottest opposite sex around. But no one knew of my growing craving for TGirl sex.

Big cocks and tits on the same package? And, I was having more sex with women. Some people like my family would not understand the Tgirl part. In fact a lot of business people I see daily wouldn’t. They love me for being sexy, but maybe I want to re-create my image into something non sexual. So, I planned to stay in. And so far, it is working, though ,well, earlier all I could do was masturbate for hours upon hours, playing with my pussy and tits.

With that in mind, I figured that I would watch television and go to bed early, and wake up early. I got these flashes in my mind, of cocks, and oooooOOO I could feel them and taste the cum. But I was going to stay in. Despite the voices in my head that kept on talking about how great it would be to go out and get the sex I am designed to get. I was holding out, I had done that before. And that’s when the call came. Ring-ring.

“Hello?” I answered. “I know all about your uncontrollable sex life, your needs, your new obsessions, and all your dirty secret exercises you do all the time to increase your addiction to sex and orgasms.” I thought maybe this is my ex ex or some dude that lives nearby. So I said, “Yeah, right, and, you also know what type of underwear I put on this morning.” “White and pink Victoria Secret bra with a red thong, but you switched that to black cuz your started to taste your own sex juices and made the panties fill with pussy pudding.” Holy shit! I rush to the window and don’t see anyone. In fact, no one can see into my place like that. “Okay, who are you? If you’re the landlord, I’m suing you for hidden camera.” He replies, “You need to go out, you need it, you need what is in your mind. I know, because I don’t just spy on you, I read your mind.” This made me gasp and nervous, but some reason I was touching my pussy, making it wet.

“Then what am I thinking right now?” Without hesitating, he says, “Your don’t want to sleep, it’s too early, and tv won’t keep you entertained, and you’ve masturbated all you can today. You want cock and cum. But you’re afraid that you’ll like it so much, especially from Tgirls, that you’ll do more and more of it every day and might be seen.” “Oh my God, how did you know that?” He calmly replied, “I’m inside your head, I’m with you all the time, and you don’t even see me. But I’ll tell you something, I know you can’t resist the call to awaken, you happy cumslut, and let yourself enjoy some time acting like a whore.” I felt that I should be offended, but, he’s right. “Well, I’m staying in, it’s the smart thing to do, especially with someone stalking me like you.” “Hah, you’ve been wanting a call like this, something to make you go out and do it. You have to give in to this some day, you won’t last long holding back the sex you’re programmed to do. I dare you to go. In fact, I know that even knowing that I will follow you around, and you can’t spot me, you’ll still be unable to resist those voices in your head telling you to fill your mouth with cum.”

I should have hung up on him, but, I kept on listening. “There are bars you already went to, full of the girls you crave, that you can suck. And there are places you can go for a lot of men, that seem to have almost magical ways to build up orgasm after orgasm. Addicting you to more. And there are even girls with cocks you can call, and men, to go to their homes and get what you need. I’mt telling you this so you know that I know the desire will build every hour until you get it. And I’ll wait, for tonight you won’t hold out any longer. You have my words in your head and you’ll have to go out and get it, it’s too much for you to resist.” I could feel he was right, my body was raging with oversex drive now from his talk. So he then gets real quiet and says, “Listen carefully. Tonight is your night. Your night to prove to me how much sex your new world can make you take. It’s your reason to live now, and you need to show yourself and me why you’re falling into the addiction so deeply you can’t live any more without giving in. It’s time to awaken to your new world and enjoy all the kinky things you’ve been reading about. You can’t stop it, you won’t stop it, and you will want me watching you. “ I said, “I’m not letting you watch.” He said, “Not only do you not have a choice, you will get so turned on to show me just how hot your sex is, if you succeed in impressing me, I’ll never slow you down again, I’ll keep your secret, and even help you go out more for hot sex.”

I was so confused, I didn’t want to be so manipulated. So I said, “I think maybe tonight isn’t the night, I can stay in.” Even though I was so wet and loving the taste of it. “We shall see how long you can hold out. I will give you some time, and can guess what words will go through your mind. And then, I’ll give you another call and see if you can still resist.”

Wow, that was so intense and scary but also sexy. I was so sexed up . I had to lie down and started to masturbate, but then I figured he was watching and stopped. But then it turned me on, so I went for it and licked up all this great orgasmic juice. “That’s gotta be enough, it usually is, I can just stay home and maybe bubble bath.” So I turned on the tv, but in seconds, I had these words in my mind. “You want cock and cum.” I was tense so some voice said, “Make yourself have a drink.” And as soon as I started drinking, these hot flashes of sex hit me and my mind got very confused and light headed. I tried to do some paperwork, but I would see cocks in all the images. Nice thick cocks to suck. I would look at myself in the mirror, and for some reason would say the word, “Whore.” I would look at a magazine, and see pictures of tits, and want to suck them so bad, but then instantly want to suck cocks. Lots of them. Then the phone rang again.

“It’s Tranny Whore Time. You want it. Go.” I was going to hang up, but I listened until he repeated it a few times, then said, “Hah, I know what’s happening in your mind, and I know how this will end. You will be so glad you gave in and showed me who is in control.” Click.

I tried to calm down but my sex drive kept on escalating. Then the phone rang again.

“You have been wanting a call like this, so accept it. It’s going to work and take over. I’ve seen what you can do, and want to do. Go out. I dare you, and bet that you will get into it so much that your new life will be sneaking out at night and getting all the sex you can. If I’m right, then, I won’t bug you any more, I’ll even help you.” Hearing that, I said “Okay, deal.” Then he said, “I’ll even help you out. I will get you some numbers to call, and they all want you. I know they do. If one answers, or calls you back, then, you can go right to her and have the sex you can only get with help like this. And when you are finished, if there is money involved, I will make sure you have enough to pay what it costs. Soon they will pay you for it, like all whores get paid for their time.” There didn’t seem to be a down side, so I said, “Yeah, okay, I’ll go out, but, I don’t want you bugging me or being obvious if I’m going for it.” “No, I’ll be almost invisible, only you will know I’m here. Now go and get all the cock you want.”

He was so right. I had to accept that I had no control over it. I got dressed in my sexiest outfit, showing a lot of tit and ass. Short skirt, low cut top. I wanted men’s mouths to open wide for them and take it. In a daze I drove to some bars I know. But I didn’t want to go into them. I got another call from him, “Follow the trail, drink the drink, suck the cock.” Then … I had this vision, a flash of a woman in a white fur coat. And for some reason, I drove to this new area. I know that there is a Glory Hole here next to that theater. I’m going ahead with this now and he’s gonna love it as much as I do.

As I walked into the place, I looked around for him, but he was no place to be seen, he must be hiding in the dark unable to do anything in my world. I went in, and the place was cleaner than I thought. But I didn’t care, I was there for one reason. To suck cock. Lots of it. I went in, and it felt so natural to get on my knees. I knew he was watching, and I was going to give him a show. A big cock came through the hole and I stroked it to get hard and began sucking. Mmmm, that was the best experience ever, for some reason, I loved it more than any cock I ever sucked.

I was going into a frenzy, and knowing he was spying on me make it hotter. He can’t stop me, no one can, as I felt the cum start to ooze out. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed a huge dose, it went down so warm into my stomach. And when it did, suddenly I felt waves or orgasmic pleasure in my pussy. Suddenly I was cumming too, and that never happened like that before.

I instantly knew this forced sex was going to take over my life. Another cock appeared and I began sucking it harder and faster and was needing that cum. Mmm, yes, when it exploded, the effect of taking over my life was greater.

In a few minutes, suddenly I was in my car, and driving. I don’t remember the other cocks, but my mouth was worked, and I had this hand full of money. And I was driving to I don’t know where … until the phone rang again. I heard a voice say, “It was so sexy to watch you. I want you to do this for me all the time, I’ll just shrink into the shadows and watch. The money is from me, you know you might need to spend it later on someone very special that is helping to complete tonight.” He hung up, before I could ask him anything. I went into a deeper trance. Then another call came in. I immediately said, “I’m not finished sucking for the night,.”

But instead of his voice, I heard another voice, “Wonderful to hear, I know just what to fill your mouth with.” I heard the feminine voice before and was swooning. “Performance under pressure. Sucker. Closing Time. All of this is my command to Experiment. Make her call the number in the picture and complete everything I need to control you.” I almost had an orgasm hearing this. The phone went CLICK, and then, I was thinking, what does she mean? I think looked on the seat next to me. A Picture of a sexy Tgirl with huge tits and cock. I don’t remember putting it in the car, so he must have while I was not paying attention. Good boy.

I called the number, and a sexy voice came on. Within a few sentences, I had the address. I got there, and the hottest Tgirl answered, dressed in lingerie. Her tits looked as good as mine. I got a nice French Kiss from her, as she admired my body, and said, “Once you suck me, you will complete your addiction and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

You will suck at least one Tranny cock per day, some days as many as 6. It all depends on who controls you.” I heard this, and was so lost in my need to suck her tits and cock, that I just nodded and got on my knees. She let me suck her nipples first. She said, “That’s right, suck the nipple, then suck the cock. Until all you want is my cock and its cum and then it will be forever this way.” I would go from her nipple to her cock and back again. Then suddenly all I wanted was cock.

Her balls were so full, she overflowed my cumslut mouth with tasty cum I swallowed. But right then, another cock was cumming. I knew that it was the stalker, he was stroking his cock and sucking my tits now, and in seconds his cock was emptying out in my mouth. I got him so off, he just collapsed and slept.

She said that next time she will have a few girls for me to suck. I had this money, and paid her, and had a lot left over.

As I drove home, I stopped to deposit some of the money some place, and then got to my place. I felt better about my life and sex than ever before.

I was so ready to do it again tomorrow. I didn’t see or hear from my Stalker all night or the next morning. All I know is that I’m ready to do it again … I just need that call.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


PORN STARS: CeCe Luminos, Mekhi Ohmai


That’s what came out of my mouth – I mean my mind – for my next casting.

The best perk of being me – a sexy shemale producer of porn – is that it makes getting big hard cocks to fuck and suck as easy as picking up the telephone or putting an ad in the Internet. Sometimes the ads state that this is for a porn film, that I will then show to get money out of people that make it possible to get even more cock. There are of course people behind me that get their share. Porn has always been the best of all vices in how it makes money. And the truth is, that like most people in porn, I love it! It’s not like some sad story, I am so so grateful for the ones that made this possible. So everyone should profit, with money and the satisfaction that they are pushing me deeper into my life of living for sex and cocks. They truly do love creating me. And look at you all.

You love getting to fuck me, or follow my exploits as I go into bars, glory holes, and have all my dirty adventures. The people that set up this life for me, and that push me to perform more, building the addiction, are doing it for you. They’re very imaginative when it comes to figuring out ways for me to get more cock and experience more. So when the idea to create my own porn company on the side of my other obligations, then as the star, I would get to live out this life and satisfy a number of purposes all at once.

Now that it’s in the stages of preparing to really be doing porn every day, this is when I get to make calls for casting. Having to read the scripts all day makes me so horny I used to have to go out and have sex a few hours each evening to release the tension. But that ended up not being enough. But then why would that worry me? I’m casting for porn! I can set it up so that I get my sex and do my job at the same time.

Most porn scripts are wild. And I love how some men come to me and get my big surprise as part of the audition. Half the men in porn are bisexual, but I like getting the ones who are straight and being the first one to be so tempting that they have to try their first she-male cock. Today was going to be one of those days.

The “Throbbing Cock” was just a phone call away. I had felt my sex drive building for hours. I tried to work, but it was there nagging me, telling me how much it needed cock. I had seen pictures of him – strong muscles, big bulge in the pants, light skinned black man about 30. I hadn’t thought of casting a black man for this role, but then when I asked him to send me cock pictures before I call him in for a casting, the image of that incredible hard on with all its veins bulging out, I could feel the pulsing blood as my mouth opened and my mind switched to what it really wanted to do.

All I did was make the call, and told him the address. The rest was going to happen and it was going to be slutty and fulfill me – no way around it once we hung up.

30 minutes. I plan to see how far he likes to go. The best thing for me is a stunt cock that knows more about how to fuck a “girl like me” than I do. I get ready by changing into one of my tight outfits. My own cock was leaking cum constantly as its programmed to do so from all the sex I’ve had – sort of programs cum into my hard drive. He still doesn’t know that I’ve got “something extra” for him.

Knock-knock. Oooo, my tits look so good when I strut to the door, flesh bouncing, making my cock hard. When the door opens, his eyes just stare at my cleavage, the nipples held back by a tight bra and low cut top. “Drink? I have vodka and tequila.” We both go for Vodka. All around the room are reminders to me that this is all about sex. Pictures, music in the background, and the sound track from a porno playing off the computer.

We go to the casting couch area. I can see his cock getting hard already, and all I know is that I need to get fucked. The audio sounds are driving me crazy.

His name is Ron. And when I question him, he says his cock shoots huge streams of cum, and can do three to four an hour. When I said that I can do two or three, he says he could make me ensure that I’d get more than enough orgasms.

I love how he looks at my tits, and I squeeze them together to get his mind on wanting to suck them. And my mouth wants to suck his cock. I put my hand on his leg, and he gets hard in a few seconds. This is really so out of control, I need that cock to do every slutty thing I dreamed about, and I need it now!

I pull his mouth to mine and we start deep kissing, until I move his mouth down to my tits. My hand is stroking his cock, making it super hard in his pants. God, it is so sexy to feel a cock grow in my hands. His mouth is sucking up my tits. Yes, go for it. I want you to give in and get that mouth sucking. You won’t be able to resist what I put into it next.

I get his pants undone, and get his cock out. The head is so big that I have trouble putting it into my mouth. I suck it and then give him a deep French kiss of his own pre cum. He loves it, so he is open to my cum. His balls are huge, I know he’ll cum a lot, as I massage them I can feel it building up.

I can’t hold back any more, I want his cock in my mouth and mine in his. I move his hand to my hard on and his eyes open wide, I’m sucking his cock, but he can’t stop, I’ve got him now, hard and needing to cum. My mouth is too talented, he’s going to give me that cock in all the ways I want it. “Suck it! Suck shemale cock! This movie is about you as a male whore, sucking she male cock and taking shemale cock up your ass. Show me how much you want the role!” I say over and over.

In seconds he’s got me on top of him, and I’m sucking his huge cock while he sucks mine. God, his cock pours out the sweetest pre cum. I can’t get enough. He knows how to suck cock, not as a pro, but good enough, considering this is maybe his first time with a T-girl. I 69 with him, our cocks both being sucked at the same rhythm.

God his cock is so huge it’s filling me completely. I love how black men take over and rule me with their cocks. I’m just a cumslut, and I need their cocks and cum.

Now I want it up my ass! I lean over the railing in the office and he comes up behind me, pushing it in with a strong steady pressure and push. Yes, give me cock all the way up to your balls! I love it. I never knew how much my ass loved a good fucking until I got to be totally shemale. Totally tits and cock and ass.

Now, he’s fucking me like I need to be fucked to remind me why I wanted this in the first place. His hard cock, ramming my ass, making my cock hard and pour out cum all over as it waves in the air. God, I’m having a total anal orgasm! I blow my load in my hand and make him lick it off.

I force him to sit down and I fuck him, back door style, then turn around and sit so he can suck my tits. “Yes, suck them, that’s what got you here, and now I’m taking over and making you suck me and fuck me.” I loved being in control. Now I want his cum to taste. I can’t wait until my movies make other guys and girls get their mouthful and ass full of black cock.

I get on my knees and start to suck his huge cock. He only lasts a minute before this long steady stream of cum flows into my mouth. I put my nipples in his mouth to lock in the experience and tell him, “ Next time you want tits, you will think of me, and come here and milk my cock dry and then let me make you cum, addicting you to me more each time. And I’m going to make you a porn star, fucking and sucking every day, and paying money for it.” He is so addicted to my tits and cum already all he can do is say “Yes, I want more”.

His glorious cock is milked dry. But I could still use his mouth for the day. We’re casting other roles. I think I will keep him around to suck off and fluff the men who come to me for porn, so that he knows how much cock cums with this porn life he wants to live.

So until next time I go out and search for cock, remember that you can’t stop thinking of tits and cock, and the place to go, the life to live, is my life, with me, letting me pervert you until you enter my world and live the porn life you ha been designed to live.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sucked By Magic: Sequel to Voodo Hut


My whole life seems to take on a new meaning and purpose now. You must think of me constantly. So my adventures in the Voodoo Rape Hut turned you on? Got into your head, did it? My new fans (or should I say, those lucky enough to exploit what happened when destiny led me into my first experiences with the powers of Voodoo) were the ones inside the Hut, waiting for someone like me to venture in. They were all looking so sexy, and can smell fresh meat. Their biggest thrill is watching someone consumed by the powers of voodoo, powers that attach to whatever other transforming has been achieved up to that time. They have lived enough in the darker sexual realms to know how insidious voodoo is – insidious – that’s a word I love and seldom get to use in a sentence. According to dictionaries, Insidious means, “Proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with often evil side effects”, “awaiting a chance to entrap in a seductive yet treacherous way”, or “having a gradual and cumulative effect that forever locks into the mind, being, or soul,” and “new obsessions or elevating experiences developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent on its mission to overpower the old status and replace it with a new status that is beyond controlling.” Wow, huh? Yes, I heard that word often while I was in the fog of the voodoo transforming experiences. It was spoken with a snicker, from wickedly grinning mouths. “Feed the insidious cravings,” or “The transforming will spread in an insidious way to anyone sucking from its rewards.” “Anyone craving a Tranny will suck in the same insidious changes). Hmm, I wondered what that meant the next day.

What I remember from that night isn’t completely clear. I remember after listening to her and drinking up what she poured for me, that I was feeling myself swoon as my mind lifted out of my head and seemed to be watching my new self complete whatever actions the sexy woman in control planned for me. It was way too sexy to stop it even if I had been clear headed. I remember walking in … feeling sort of like you do when you are drunk but still functioning well. Your mind doesn’t focus on too much except what it is wanting to do next. Then there was an intense rush when my cravings were freed up, and suddenly all those cocks were in front of me. Sucking never felt so intensely pleasurable. I could actually look back on the times I had cock in my mouth before and was saying to myself, “Wow, that’s nothing compared to how intensely hot and sexy it is now.” And it wasn’t that way just for me. I kept hearing every time I took a new cock in my mouth the moans of those I pleased. Aside from the huge loads that exploded in my mouth, they would tell me that making a new voodoo cursed cumslut suck cock is sexy because they know that the first sucking frenzy is literally changing their world and everything about them. Their obsession with cock will be so much greater than anyone can imagine until this happens. I mean, I loved cock sucking before, but now it was like I was a puppet, a trained pet. With just one purpose – to suck more cock and to pay the powerful Goddess of voodoo magic that triggered the curse. She got more out of watching how strongly her powers worked on me than she did get high off the money – at first. The money will start building, but for now she was getting off watching how her spell was revealing itself – far more powerful than her new Tranny Femme Doll could handle, making it impossible to fight. With every cock I sucked, I could hear her voice coming from some unknown source, telling me that the addiction grows stronger, the voodoo curse holds me stronger. And that it will hit me and take over any time she wants it to, when I can’t defend against it.

This began happening the first night after I got home. I started to lie down in bed, but the craving to suck cock and fulfill the voodoo pet performance would rise up in me so strong that even though exhausted I would get out of bed and almost leave the home to go suck more cock. I wasn’t looking for old friends if I went out, I wanted someone like YOU, someone I didn’t see yet, and I wanted to turn them into what my Goddess needed – to turn them into a slave for my cum. I wanted to help her turn out new Whores for cock. Somehow I fought it up until now. But I would wake up every hour with the craving being stronger. It was like I was on a train to a destination that took me deeper into my Tranny Femme Doll voodoo enforced life and that any time I tried to stop it, the train would take off faster and make my head spin with confusion. The more I tried to think of getting off the train, the more my mind would blank out. I began to lie in bed thinking of where I could find more voodoo rape huts, to fill my mouth with more cocks and come back and pay the Goddess of mind fucking. She had said something to me – “Men who are hypersexual will sense you are my voodoo trained cock sucker and will be drawn to you, and this is how your serving me will spread.”

I had some busy days right after that and it kept me from going out and exploring, but then we all do, and I thought, “Huh, I don’t feel the Voodoo curse any more, seems to be a phase,” and I thought that I would not be needing to obey or fulfill the voodoo curse and my programmed role. But I only got a night or two off, then it would haunt me the third night. The words would repeat in my mind. My mind would eventually overflow, even though I would say to myself, “This is stupid, this isn’t real.” Then I realized -- it was replacing my old life and becoming permanent. The way my mind would switch off and flip was happening more and more often, easier, and it was harder to rise out of and just be who I was before the Voodoo took over. It was there any time I let my guard down. I mean, relentless! I couldn’t take it any more. I had to return to normal.

So I went out to the Voodoo Rape Hut again. Even though my mind said I was going to prove that I had some control over this, I knew I had none the moment I walked inside the doors. The music and voices returned. I saw all the tits and cocks and my mind began shutting down. I tried to leave, but the spell they put on the ground was working on me again. I tried to walk away, but instead my feet obeyed the Goddess and I kept on walking around and around until I knew that tonight I would do all she asked me to do.

There was something else being programmed, too. I could somehow remember all the forgotten phrases and commands that were said to me while I sucked and enjoyed being the new sucking pet of the Goddess. Buried in them was this need to make a man who never sucked cock before suck his first cock – and implant the voodoo curse in him by pouring my cum into his mouth. It was like spreading seeds, seeds of vines that would grow and take over his mental garden. That is a poetic way to say it. The real way, the sexual way, is to accept that I was not programmed to transform any man that sucks my cock into a cock addict, a cumslut that will obsess about cock sucking constantly.

In his dreams, when he would wake up, he would feel just what I felt – the need to obey and fulfill the curse and programming to transform into a Whore that existed before the curse. It seems like the curse anchors and feeds and completes her programming to be a Tranny Femme Doll or Whore beyond any escape the programming. This was power. I could feel it. Power to transform and corrupt and addict – starting with a power to please through cock sucking. I could also see it in the men I met, that my powers could make them think of sucking my cock when normally they never would.

It would start with them looking at my tits. I would love how they got transfixed on them. Somehow new words came out of my mouth, words that were words of the Voodoo Priestess Goddess. Words that began the spell to transform them. After a few days of her words growing in me, I could not hold back any more, not tonight, not with YOU. And I went out into my Second Life to find sexually compulsive men and make them suck their first cock! I want YOU. I will get you. My body is too sexy to resist. All I need to do is lure you out of your home, and to where I am. The words in my mind will take care of the rest.

So I went out to those clubs where I know the truly hyper sexual men go in their secret lives. And I needed this, I needed to make a cock sucker out of whatever man I felt destined to transform.

That’s when I saw him. Blue eyes, good build, good talker – popular with the girls in the bar, I could see. He was my victim, my prey. I slowly advanced closer to him. It seemed like he was already out looking for a new experience but needed a push. Like in the rape hut, I needed to be forced into being a voodoo cursed cum producer and programmer for my Goddess.

He looked at me, and his eyes settled on my tits. Yes, that’s right, keep staring at them. It’s making me hard. I want you to feel that high from my getting my cum building up. I know you can feel it. I know you know what it feels like to explode that ball sack of cum into an eager mouth -- I’m just going to hijack that and put you on your knees to complete the desires already in your mind for a long time.

Yes, stare at my tits, and I can see your cock getting hard just like mine is. Surprisingly, I begin to repeat in phrases what the Goddess was saying to me. “My pet awaken,” “Suck and tribute your Goddess,” “It’s time to be a Whore for me,” Ahh yes, I can see him spacing out, not in his right mind. This voodoo spell is working on him! His mouth would open, and hang open, dry and needing my wetness.

Yes, you’re a sex addict with a fetish for sucking nipples. Love my nipples? You can have them, and suck them all you want. But you won’t be able to control how your mouth moves down and sucks my cock. These words would flow through me as strong as the cum is flowing and building up in my balls. I couldn’t wait to see what they do to you when they pulsed out with my cum. Stare at my tits and slowly your mind will see the cocks that will take place of tits soon for you.

My mission , my curse, is to spread the curse and the pleasure is so great, the sexual release and high so intense from this transforming of fetishes, that you will beg me for more. And, you will be my cash cow to reward the Goddess that turned her powers on me. I won’t let you go now. I know I have you hooked. You will be my cock whore, my sucking ATM. You’ve wanted it a long time.

I’ve developed enough with Goddess to force you to do what we both want you to do. Your old life is a joke, it’s nothing compared to the sexual intensity and highs of giving us what we programmed you to do. Do it! Stare at the tits, suck the nipple, and engulf that cock til it cums in your mouth! Be the Whore you already are.

I needed to complete this. I need to turn you into a cum addicted whore, just like I’m a cum addicted whore. It’s sort of like a vampire biting you. There is this sexual high and then the addiction locks in.

You’re responding well to my teasing, and I know you can’t hold back your need for sex. I can see it in my man, my prey. And I’m going to give him what he desires so that he gives what is desired in tributes to my Goddess.

I led him to a quiet room. I was intoxicating him with my tits, and was about to penetrate him with my cock. Open your mouth, let the saliva dry out, yes my pet. Thirst for my tits so that I can give you what your mouth needs, a full load of cum to wet it. Listen to my voice, let it echo in your mind until you can’t think of anything but my sexy body, hard cocks, tits, nipples, and surrendering to lust.

The voodoo curse drives me, and it will take over and drive him! I know it will, and I love it, I love how it makes me feel. I have power over his old self, and he can’t do anything about it now, he needs to suck so much he can’t think.

Quicker than he realized I pulled down my top and my full tits and nipples were in his mouth in a second. Yes, suck them and suck in the addiction, you’ll be finishing off that dose of cumslut craving in cock sucking. I could see his eyes roll back and his mind look like it’s vacant as the cumslut curse spread. That’s right, suck my little whore. Now, down, down you go. I could feel his body reel a bit as the powers of the Goddess held him and his mouth opens, and yes, take in my cock, cumslut.

The intense high I felt was pouring into him. He was transforming as he sucked. Dozens of commands that were first put into my mind by my Goddess and then by the curse were ringing in his ears. He had no idea how many hidden commands would be sucked in with this cock. So many, that his mind would give up. He would hear them constantly until they drowned out his old thoughts. It would literally replace his memories, like the curse did mine. And it felt wonderful.

Now the cum was about to explode. His mouth was sucking like a pro. The curse makes sure that he loves cum and cock so much he is like a good pro whore. YES! Cum! Cum flows into your mouth. It hits you like a shock wave. Your old life is over! You’re mine now! You’re mine to hand over to my Goddess and she will use you like I just programmed you to be used. The final commands and programming you just sucked into your soul through my cock are inside you now. You cannot deny it. You wanted my cock. I turned tits into cocks for you and now you’re forever going to need cocks, any time you see tits.

Let the new commands take over, you can’t fight it. You will go to sleep and this will grow and take over. My words and her commands will flood your mind and make you rise up and go out to suck more cocks and tribute her. It feels wonderful to addict you in such a wicked, sexual way. I was so clever to turn all your early fetishes into one single role as my pet cock sucking whore. Now there is nothing you can do about it.

Once you suck your first cock, the magic cannot be purged, just like you cannot remove all that cum that flowed down your throat. It’s in you now, with my curse. It’s taking over. Fight it if you want, it is like the train, it will start again and take you deeper into the commands. You won’t want anything but cock and more sucking. Hah, this feels wonderful taking over a mind and soul for her. All with cocks. All with sucking. You’re going to find that every day you will suck more cocks, until this is your life. Like this is my life. I’m a Tranny Femme Doll, with big nice tits to entice you and a big juicy cock to enslave you to serving her. Wait until you try to walk away … the spell will turn you around and put you in that train destined for the hut. I finally feel the satisfaction of completing the total program of the cumslut whore addiction that the Goddess transformed into me. And there is more to CUM. Get out of your bedroom and cum find my tits and cock and fulfill the program – it’s too late to stop.