Saturday, December 3, 2011


PORNSTARS: CeCe Luminos and Plato Ninetails

Sometimes it’s hell being this sexy looking when your sex drive is going out of control. I mean, I could go out and get any type of sex with almost any one within minutes. All I have to do is hit a bar like the Voodoo Hut, or even a mall and let men pick me up (or women in the ladies rooms.) Because I can get sex so easy, then there is almost nothing in my way to NOT get it, and that means that just about when one sexual session ends, I’m thinking of how soon the next sex will come, how good it will be, with whom – all rammping me up for more sex. This morning, my tits needed a tongue and my cock needed a mouth, and my ass was aching to be used for orgasms on both ends.

I got dressed in a mini-skirt – so short that when I stood in front of the mirror I could see my pulsing cock hanging low and thick in the mirror. I thought, what a perfect body for a whore, to have all this and make money from it in no time. That idea was stuck in my mind the next 30 minutes while I primped and did my make up. I figured that the Mall would be the best place, dressed like this, late in the afternoon. I got there, and the parking was hell. I swear, the holiday season is fun, but leave the shopping to us “Pros” please. Ugh, I got a space, and went up the escalators into the mall. It was a beehive of activity. But, I must say that my sexy clothes were not as wholesome as these kids waiting for Santa needed to see. I mean, my nipples were hard from being so horny. And, when I was in the hallway to the bathroom, where Santa and the Elves had a resting area, I just had to flash Santa my special stocking stuffer just so he could get his hands on a Ho-Ho-Ho’s hard on. He snickered, and sneaked over to say, “That can ram down my chimney any night.”

Yet, the problem with the holidays is that men are not free to leer and queer, or wink and drink, or have some luck to suck. It’s too many wives. And too much money is being spent on gifts, not on what really gets them off.

So the Whore theme kept on rising up, just like my cock was trying to rise up while driving. It was throbbing, all caught up in my panties. As I was driving through the city club area, it was getting dark. There were guys trying to pick up girls. Then the area gets wilder, and the Hookers are walking, hanging out at the hotel doors. And – Wow! There’s Jackie being dropped off in front of the stores – I bet she’s having her nails done. I haven’t seen her since I lost her number when my cell phone crashed. I quickly pulled over, but she had walked into this open strip mall, and so I best chase her down on foot.

I parked illegally in this parking area behind a business. Then I rushed off toward where I last saw her. I wasn’t on the street ten seconds before a car slowed down and tooted the horn, and two horny guys shouted a couple of horn-dog questions like, “How much, baby?” “You can wrap those legs around me and let me dine at the Y for a buck?” Hah, it would serve him right to think he was dining at the Y and end up dining at the I – as in the I beam, the hard cock I’d have to choke him with. They drove off, and a man stepped out of the doorway to proposition me. He said he had to catch a train and wanted to know if I would pull a non-stop on him.

I rushed to the fingernail salon, but Jackie isn’t there. And she wasn’t in the drug store, or the laundry mat. She just vanished. Then, I barely get a glance of that same car, exiting the parking lot on the far end. There she goes. Oh well.

I walk back to my car. The two blocks on the road, I thought I should have some fun. I mean, I felt totally sexed up and like I could give being a Whore some time for the night. I don’t street walk, but it is always fun to tease. So I flirted with the cars of guys as they slowed down and tried to offer me money. Sorry babe, but I am way out of your price range.

I finally get to the alley where I parked my car. And just as I’m getting to it, a cop car races up, skids on the gravel, and parks. For what? Oh, I saw the parking sign, so I ask, “Shit, am I being towed?” This young, muscular stud of a cop gets out and I can tell when a man’s eyes are all about sex – he was on fire for sex, and I was his target. I immediately got super horny.

“I watched you try to pick up Johns, and you’re under arrest.” “What?!” This suddenly wasn’t funny. “You solicited sex from the passing cars.” I was aghast. “No I didn’t, they yelled insults at me and I told them to go fuck themselves.” He approached me so that my back was right up against the fence, and his night stick dangled down, touching my inner thighs. “You expect me to believe that?” “It’s true, I told them to fuck off.” He said, “No, I mean, they insulted you.”

He lets the baton touch my tummy under my bra and eyes me like I’m meat to eat. “With this body? Baby, first of all there is nothing to insult. You’re perfect. But you’re also obviously working it.”

I could see him getting hard, and though it was a big risk, I decided to push his buttons and see if this stops any trouble. “I’m working it, all right, working up the biggest orgasm of my day, but I’m not selling my ass on the street if that is what you meant. See, my boyfriend is out of town. When I get horny, I let my mind go blank and just go get cock and cum. And I was just chasing down a girlfriend I thought I saw walk into the fingernail salon. We had sex the last time I saw her and thought a bit of tongue action would get me off. But I missed her. So now I’m left all horny and on my way to my booty call. “

He saw me playing with my neckline on my shirt, pushing up my cleavage enough to make a nipple show a little bit of edge on the white bra and top. My other hand was slightly raising my skirt. His cock was bulging now. His mouth wanted my nipples and his mouth was perfect to drain my cock was all I could think about as he came close enough to run his hand up my waist.

“I’ve never met a hooker this hot, they are always less than perfect. But, still, I’m not buying all this story about you just being to horny to think straight and not realize that you were running on the block that is Hooker Avenue.” By now, I just had to lean forward to press my tits up toward his face. In my heels I was taller than he was, and I wanted that mouth. I don’t know if he was into sucking cock but I bet I can get him to do it if I just –

I slipped my hand to his crotch, and he grinned. “Got you hand on my gun?” Suddenly he spins me around very roughly and shoves me to the hood of his car, which was off the sight line of cars driving on the street. “Spread ‘em and bend over!” He was so sexy taking control that I didn’t bitch about this, I just got hard and wet! I went along with it and said in a trembling voice, “If you let me go, I’ll give you the best sex of your life.”

He pushed his cock up against my ass as he leaned over me and said, “I’ll take that ass if I let you go or not, it’s time for you to prove what a Whore you love to be.” He opened the door to give us some shadow as he spun me around and forced me to my knees. I began eagerly opening his pants, and pulling out his cock. He pulled his baton and began rubbing it between my tits as I sucked his huge cock to total hardness. “You better like it rough, cuz I’m gonna ram it up your ass and pussy hard, get it wet and be ready to be my bitch!” He fucked my mouth so hard and fast I choked, but it got him more sexed up. “Yeah, choke on this big boy you bitch. Whores give the best head.”

I wanted to see how far I could go before he found out my surprise. I got him hard then quickly spun around so he would just aim his hard cock into my ass and ream it. The move went perfectly and he was using a lot of unnecessary force to hold me, but I loved it. He cuffed one hand to the door handle and must have thought that was all the restraint he would need.

His wet cock slide easily into my ass with all the force he had behind it. He let me guide it in and pull aside the panties, so my secret was safe and it was dark by now. “Pound me, fist me if you want after you pour your cum up my ass.”

This got him off and he blew a huge load in my ass. He was panting and his legs sort of buckled so he dropped to his knees abruptly, and this put me into the dominant position.

The other cuff was open, so in a second I cuffed him to the car, and was behind him. “What the fuck are you doing?” I had his keys in my hand in no time, and was threatening to throw them over the fence.

“You do as I say, or the next car up this alley will be your Captain ahead of a mob of media hounds.” He quickly calmed down and listened as I said, ‘All I want from you is a mindblowing orgasm for me, is it a deal? If not, I throw the keys as far as I can into that yard.” “Yes, yeah, I’ll fuck you again.”

I laughed and said, “I want oral.” And he nodded, and that’s when he saw it, my cock, much bigger than his now, waving in his face. “Suck it, whore.” “But –“ that is all he said before I shoved the head into his mouth. He moaned as it went in deeper, and I said, “This isn’t your first time sucking cock.” He moaned more and went down on me like a – well, a Trooper.

But I wasn’t going to let him get off easy. I wiped spit on the baton and told him, “Bend over so I can reach behind you and shove this in.” He moaned with pleasure as I got it inserted and started to fuck him from behind with it. It got in there easier than I thought. “Wow, looks like you’ve had more experience taking cock like a whore than I have.” He balanced on the stick like it was a big dildo and sucked like a pro.

In a few seconds I exploded in his mouth, a huge stream of cum. He swallowed it like a good whore, and orgasmed again from the stick up his ass. He swallowed it all and then we both realized that anyone could see us fucking. So we quickly undid the handcuffs and he buttoned up his pants. “Don’t let me see you walking the street again,” he warned me. “Then just show up at my address next time I need a good fucking, and you do too.” I passed him my card and got into my car. He drove off, and I smiled, getting the wild sex I needed. “But who can I fuck and suck next?”

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