Tuesday, December 13, 2011


PORN STARS: CeCe Luminos, Mekhi Ohmai


That’s what came out of my mouth – I mean my mind – for my next casting.

The best perk of being me – a sexy shemale producer of porn – is that it makes getting big hard cocks to fuck and suck as easy as picking up the telephone or putting an ad in the Internet. Sometimes the ads state that this is for a porn film, that I will then show to get money out of people that make it possible to get even more cock. There are of course people behind me that get their share. Porn has always been the best of all vices in how it makes money. And the truth is, that like most people in porn, I love it! It’s not like some sad story, I am so so grateful for the ones that made this possible. So everyone should profit, with money and the satisfaction that they are pushing me deeper into my life of living for sex and cocks. They truly do love creating me. And look at you all.

You love getting to fuck me, or follow my exploits as I go into bars, glory holes, and have all my dirty adventures. The people that set up this life for me, and that push me to perform more, building the addiction, are doing it for you. They’re very imaginative when it comes to figuring out ways for me to get more cock and experience more. So when the idea to create my own porn company on the side of my other obligations, then as the star, I would get to live out this life and satisfy a number of purposes all at once.

Now that it’s in the stages of preparing to really be doing porn every day, this is when I get to make calls for casting. Having to read the scripts all day makes me so horny I used to have to go out and have sex a few hours each evening to release the tension. But that ended up not being enough. But then why would that worry me? I’m casting for porn! I can set it up so that I get my sex and do my job at the same time.

Most porn scripts are wild. And I love how some men come to me and get my big surprise as part of the audition. Half the men in porn are bisexual, but I like getting the ones who are straight and being the first one to be so tempting that they have to try their first she-male cock. Today was going to be one of those days.

The “Throbbing Cock” was just a phone call away. I had felt my sex drive building for hours. I tried to work, but it was there nagging me, telling me how much it needed cock. I had seen pictures of him – strong muscles, big bulge in the pants, light skinned black man about 30. I hadn’t thought of casting a black man for this role, but then when I asked him to send me cock pictures before I call him in for a casting, the image of that incredible hard on with all its veins bulging out, I could feel the pulsing blood as my mouth opened and my mind switched to what it really wanted to do.

All I did was make the call, and told him the address. The rest was going to happen and it was going to be slutty and fulfill me – no way around it once we hung up.

30 minutes. I plan to see how far he likes to go. The best thing for me is a stunt cock that knows more about how to fuck a “girl like me” than I do. I get ready by changing into one of my tight outfits. My own cock was leaking cum constantly as its programmed to do so from all the sex I’ve had – sort of programs cum into my hard drive. He still doesn’t know that I’ve got “something extra” for him.

Knock-knock. Oooo, my tits look so good when I strut to the door, flesh bouncing, making my cock hard. When the door opens, his eyes just stare at my cleavage, the nipples held back by a tight bra and low cut top. “Drink? I have vodka and tequila.” We both go for Vodka. All around the room are reminders to me that this is all about sex. Pictures, music in the background, and the sound track from a porno playing off the computer.

We go to the casting couch area. I can see his cock getting hard already, and all I know is that I need to get fucked. The audio sounds are driving me crazy.

His name is Ron. And when I question him, he says his cock shoots huge streams of cum, and can do three to four an hour. When I said that I can do two or three, he says he could make me ensure that I’d get more than enough orgasms.

I love how he looks at my tits, and I squeeze them together to get his mind on wanting to suck them. And my mouth wants to suck his cock. I put my hand on his leg, and he gets hard in a few seconds. This is really so out of control, I need that cock to do every slutty thing I dreamed about, and I need it now!

I pull his mouth to mine and we start deep kissing, until I move his mouth down to my tits. My hand is stroking his cock, making it super hard in his pants. God, it is so sexy to feel a cock grow in my hands. His mouth is sucking up my tits. Yes, go for it. I want you to give in and get that mouth sucking. You won’t be able to resist what I put into it next.

I get his pants undone, and get his cock out. The head is so big that I have trouble putting it into my mouth. I suck it and then give him a deep French kiss of his own pre cum. He loves it, so he is open to my cum. His balls are huge, I know he’ll cum a lot, as I massage them I can feel it building up.

I can’t hold back any more, I want his cock in my mouth and mine in his. I move his hand to my hard on and his eyes open wide, I’m sucking his cock, but he can’t stop, I’ve got him now, hard and needing to cum. My mouth is too talented, he’s going to give me that cock in all the ways I want it. “Suck it! Suck shemale cock! This movie is about you as a male whore, sucking she male cock and taking shemale cock up your ass. Show me how much you want the role!” I say over and over.

In seconds he’s got me on top of him, and I’m sucking his huge cock while he sucks mine. God, his cock pours out the sweetest pre cum. I can’t get enough. He knows how to suck cock, not as a pro, but good enough, considering this is maybe his first time with a T-girl. I 69 with him, our cocks both being sucked at the same rhythm.

God his cock is so huge it’s filling me completely. I love how black men take over and rule me with their cocks. I’m just a cumslut, and I need their cocks and cum.

Now I want it up my ass! I lean over the railing in the office and he comes up behind me, pushing it in with a strong steady pressure and push. Yes, give me cock all the way up to your balls! I love it. I never knew how much my ass loved a good fucking until I got to be totally shemale. Totally tits and cock and ass.

Now, he’s fucking me like I need to be fucked to remind me why I wanted this in the first place. His hard cock, ramming my ass, making my cock hard and pour out cum all over as it waves in the air. God, I’m having a total anal orgasm! I blow my load in my hand and make him lick it off.

I force him to sit down and I fuck him, back door style, then turn around and sit so he can suck my tits. “Yes, suck them, that’s what got you here, and now I’m taking over and making you suck me and fuck me.” I loved being in control. Now I want his cum to taste. I can’t wait until my movies make other guys and girls get their mouthful and ass full of black cock.

I get on my knees and start to suck his huge cock. He only lasts a minute before this long steady stream of cum flows into my mouth. I put my nipples in his mouth to lock in the experience and tell him, “ Next time you want tits, you will think of me, and come here and milk my cock dry and then let me make you cum, addicting you to me more each time. And I’m going to make you a porn star, fucking and sucking every day, and paying money for it.” He is so addicted to my tits and cum already all he can do is say “Yes, I want more”.

His glorious cock is milked dry. But I could still use his mouth for the day. We’re casting other roles. I think I will keep him around to suck off and fluff the men who come to me for porn, so that he knows how much cock cums with this porn life he wants to live.

So until next time I go out and search for cock, remember that you can’t stop thinking of tits and cock, and the place to go, the life to live, is my life, with me, letting me pervert you until you enter my world and live the porn life you hahttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifve been designed to live.

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