Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sucked By Magic: Sequel to Voodo Hut


My whole life seems to take on a new meaning and purpose now. You must think of me constantly. So my adventures in the Voodoo Rape Hut turned you on? Got into your head, did it? My new fans (or should I say, those lucky enough to exploit what happened when destiny led me into my first experiences with the powers of Voodoo) were the ones inside the Hut, waiting for someone like me to venture in. They were all looking so sexy, and can smell fresh meat. Their biggest thrill is watching someone consumed by the powers of voodoo, powers that attach to whatever other transforming has been achieved up to that time. They have lived enough in the darker sexual realms to know how insidious voodoo is – insidious – that’s a word I love and seldom get to use in a sentence. According to dictionaries, Insidious means, “Proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with often evil side effects”, “awaiting a chance to entrap in a seductive yet treacherous way”, or “having a gradual and cumulative effect that forever locks into the mind, being, or soul,” and “new obsessions or elevating experiences developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent on its mission to overpower the old status and replace it with a new status that is beyond controlling.” Wow, huh? Yes, I heard that word often while I was in the fog of the voodoo transforming experiences. It was spoken with a snicker, from wickedly grinning mouths. “Feed the insidious cravings,” or “The transforming will spread in an insidious way to anyone sucking from its rewards.” “Anyone craving a Tranny will suck in the same insidious changes). Hmm, I wondered what that meant the next day.

What I remember from that night isn’t completely clear. I remember after listening to her and drinking up what she poured for me, that I was feeling myself swoon as my mind lifted out of my head and seemed to be watching my new self complete whatever actions the sexy woman in control planned for me. It was way too sexy to stop it even if I had been clear headed. I remember walking in … feeling sort of like you do when you are drunk but still functioning well. Your mind doesn’t focus on too much except what it is wanting to do next. Then there was an intense rush when my cravings were freed up, and suddenly all those cocks were in front of me. Sucking never felt so intensely pleasurable. I could actually look back on the times I had cock in my mouth before and was saying to myself, “Wow, that’s nothing compared to how intensely hot and sexy it is now.” And it wasn’t that way just for me. I kept hearing every time I took a new cock in my mouth the moans of those I pleased. Aside from the huge loads that exploded in my mouth, they would tell me that making a new voodoo cursed cumslut suck cock is sexy because they know that the first sucking frenzy is literally changing their world and everything about them. Their obsession with cock will be so much greater than anyone can imagine until this happens. I mean, I loved cock sucking before, but now it was like I was a puppet, a trained pet. With just one purpose – to suck more cock and to pay the powerful Goddess of voodoo magic that triggered the curse. She got more out of watching how strongly her powers worked on me than she did get high off the money – at first. The money will start building, but for now she was getting off watching how her spell was revealing itself – far more powerful than her new Tranny Femme Doll could handle, making it impossible to fight. With every cock I sucked, I could hear her voice coming from some unknown source, telling me that the addiction grows stronger, the voodoo curse holds me stronger. And that it will hit me and take over any time she wants it to, when I can’t defend against it.

This began happening the first night after I got home. I started to lie down in bed, but the craving to suck cock and fulfill the voodoo pet performance would rise up in me so strong that even though exhausted I would get out of bed and almost leave the home to go suck more cock. I wasn’t looking for old friends if I went out, I wanted someone like YOU, someone I didn’t see yet, and I wanted to turn them into what my Goddess needed – to turn them into a slave for my cum. I wanted to help her turn out new Whores for cock. Somehow I fought it up until now. But I would wake up every hour with the craving being stronger. It was like I was on a train to a destination that took me deeper into my Tranny Femme Doll voodoo enforced life and that any time I tried to stop it, the train would take off faster and make my head spin with confusion. The more I tried to think of getting off the train, the more my mind would blank out. I began to lie in bed thinking of where I could find more voodoo rape huts, to fill my mouth with more cocks and come back and pay the Goddess of mind fucking. She had said something to me – “Men who are hypersexual will sense you are my voodoo trained cock sucker and will be drawn to you, and this is how your serving me will spread.”

I had some busy days right after that and it kept me from going out and exploring, but then we all do, and I thought, “Huh, I don’t feel the Voodoo curse any more, seems to be a phase,” and I thought that I would not be needing to obey or fulfill the voodoo curse and my programmed role. But I only got a night or two off, then it would haunt me the third night. The words would repeat in my mind. My mind would eventually overflow, even though I would say to myself, “This is stupid, this isn’t real.” Then I realized -- it was replacing my old life and becoming permanent. The way my mind would switch off and flip was happening more and more often, easier, and it was harder to rise out of and just be who I was before the Voodoo took over. It was there any time I let my guard down. I mean, relentless! I couldn’t take it any more. I had to return to normal.

So I went out to the Voodoo Rape Hut again. Even though my mind said I was going to prove that I had some control over this, I knew I had none the moment I walked inside the doors. The music and voices returned. I saw all the tits and cocks and my mind began shutting down. I tried to leave, but the spell they put on the ground was working on me again. I tried to walk away, but instead my feet obeyed the Goddess and I kept on walking around and around until I knew that tonight I would do all she asked me to do.

There was something else being programmed, too. I could somehow remember all the forgotten phrases and commands that were said to me while I sucked and enjoyed being the new sucking pet of the Goddess. Buried in them was this need to make a man who never sucked cock before suck his first cock – and implant the voodoo curse in him by pouring my cum into his mouth. It was like spreading seeds, seeds of vines that would grow and take over his mental garden. That is a poetic way to say it. The real way, the sexual way, is to accept that I was not programmed to transform any man that sucks my cock into a cock addict, a cumslut that will obsess about cock sucking constantly.

In his dreams, when he would wake up, he would feel just what I felt – the need to obey and fulfill the curse and programming to transform into a Whore that existed before the curse. It seems like the curse anchors and feeds and completes her programming to be a Tranny Femme Doll or Whore beyond any escape the programming. This was power. I could feel it. Power to transform and corrupt and addict – starting with a power to please through cock sucking. I could also see it in the men I met, that my powers could make them think of sucking my cock when normally they never would.

It would start with them looking at my tits. I would love how they got transfixed on them. Somehow new words came out of my mouth, words that were words of the Voodoo Priestess Goddess. Words that began the spell to transform them. After a few days of her words growing in me, I could not hold back any more, not tonight, not with YOU. And I went out into my Second Life to find sexually compulsive men and make them suck their first cock! I want YOU. I will get you. My body is too sexy to resist. All I need to do is lure you out of your home, and to where I am. The words in my mind will take care of the rest.

So I went out to those clubs where I know the truly hyper sexual men go in their secret lives. And I needed this, I needed to make a cock sucker out of whatever man I felt destined to transform.

That’s when I saw him. Blue eyes, good build, good talker – popular with the girls in the bar, I could see. He was my victim, my prey. I slowly advanced closer to him. It seemed like he was already out looking for a new experience but needed a push. Like in the rape hut, I needed to be forced into being a voodoo cursed cum producer and programmer for my Goddess.

He looked at me, and his eyes settled on my tits. Yes, that’s right, keep staring at them. It’s making me hard. I want you to feel that high from my getting my cum building up. I know you can feel it. I know you know what it feels like to explode that ball sack of cum into an eager mouth -- I’m just going to hijack that and put you on your knees to complete the desires already in your mind for a long time.

Yes, stare at my tits, and I can see your cock getting hard just like mine is. Surprisingly, I begin to repeat in phrases what the Goddess was saying to me. “My pet awaken,” “Suck and tribute your Goddess,” “It’s time to be a Whore for me,” Ahh yes, I can see him spacing out, not in his right mind. This voodoo spell is working on him! His mouth would open, and hang open, dry and needing my wetness.

Yes, you’re a sex addict with a fetish for sucking nipples. Love my nipples? You can have them, and suck them all you want. But you won’t be able to control how your mouth moves down and sucks my cock. These words would flow through me as strong as the cum is flowing and building up in my balls. I couldn’t wait to see what they do to you when they pulsed out with my cum. Stare at my tits and slowly your mind will see the cocks that will take place of tits soon for you.

My mission , my curse, is to spread the curse and the pleasure is so great, the sexual release and high so intense from this transforming of fetishes, that you will beg me for more. And, you will be my cash cow to reward the Goddess that turned her powers on me. I won’t let you go now. I know I have you hooked. You will be my cock whore, my sucking ATM. You’ve wanted it a long time.

I’ve developed enough with Goddess to force you to do what we both want you to do. Your old life is a joke, it’s nothing compared to the sexual intensity and highs of giving us what we programmed you to do. Do it! Stare at the tits, suck the nipple, and engulf that cock til it cums in your mouth! Be the Whore you already are.

I needed to complete this. I need to turn you into a cum addicted whore, just like I’m a cum addicted whore. It’s sort of like a vampire biting you. There is this sexual high and then the addiction locks in.

You’re responding well to my teasing, and I know you can’t hold back your need for sex. I can see it in my man, my prey. And I’m going to give him what he desires so that he gives what is desired in tributes to my Goddess.

I led him to a quiet room. I was intoxicating him with my tits, and was about to penetrate him with my cock. Open your mouth, let the saliva dry out, yes my pet. Thirst for my tits so that I can give you what your mouth needs, a full load of cum to wet it. Listen to my voice, let it echo in your mind until you can’t think of anything but my sexy body, hard cocks, tits, nipples, and surrendering to lust.

The voodoo curse drives me, and it will take over and drive him! I know it will, and I love it, I love how it makes me feel. I have power over his old self, and he can’t do anything about it now, he needs to suck so much he can’t think.

Quicker than he realized I pulled down my top and my full tits and nipples were in his mouth in a second. Yes, suck them and suck in the addiction, you’ll be finishing off that dose of cumslut craving in cock sucking. I could see his eyes roll back and his mind look like it’s vacant as the cumslut curse spread. That’s right, suck my little whore. Now, down, down you go. I could feel his body reel a bit as the powers of the Goddess held him and his mouth opens, and yes, take in my cock, cumslut.

The intense high I felt was pouring into him. He was transforming as he sucked. Dozens of commands that were first put into my mind by my Goddess and then by the curse were ringing in his ears. He had no idea how many hidden commands would be sucked in with this cock. So many, that his mind would give up. He would hear them constantly until they drowned out his old thoughts. It would literally replace his memories, like the curse did mine. And it felt wonderful.

Now the cum was about to explode. His mouth was sucking like a pro. The curse makes sure that he loves cum and cock so much he is like a good pro whore. YES! Cum! Cum flows into your mouth. It hits you like a shock wave. Your old life is over! You’re mine now! You’re mine to hand over to my Goddess and she will use you like I just programmed you to be used. The final commands and programming you just sucked into your soul through my cock are inside you now. You cannot deny it. You wanted my cock. I turned tits into cocks for you and now you’re forever going to need cocks, any time you see tits.

Let the new commands take over, you can’t fight it. You will go to sleep and this will grow and take over. My words and her commands will flood your mind and make you rise up and go out to suck more cocks and tribute her. It feels wonderful to addict you in such a wicked, sexual way. I was so clever to turn all your early fetishes into one single role as my pet cock sucking whore. Now there is nothing you can do about it.

Once you suck your first cock, the magic cannot be purged, just like you cannot remove all that cum that flowed down your throat. It’s in you now, with my curse. It’s taking over. Fight it if you want, it is like the train, it will start again and take you deeper into the commands. You won’t want anything but cock and more sucking. Hah, this feels wonderful taking over a mind and soul for her. All with cocks. All with sucking. You’re going to find that every day you will suck more cocks, until this is your life. Like this is my life. I’m a Tranny Femme Doll, with big nice tits to entice you and a big juicy cock to enslave you to serving her. Wait until you try to walk away … the spell will turn you around and put you in that train destined for the hut. I finally feel the satisfaction of completing the total program of the cumslut whore addiction that the Goddess transformed into me. And there is more to CUM. Get out of your bedroom and cum find my tits and cock and fulfill the program – it’s too late to stop.