Sunday, December 5, 2010

Facial For The Stars

CeCe Luminos
DarkMane Darkthief
Rocky McMinnar
Drew McDunnough
Aiden Lexenstar
Adam Proctor
Junare Viper

Every woman has their secret pleasures, whether that is shopping, sex, working out, or getting such a make over that it really feels like a new moment or life. When the face has a new look it sticks in the mind, sort of like a moment that cannot be re-created. A magical moment that makes a woman feel fantastic.

Since I secretly am a pornstar, I go about these indulgences like all women. It’s just that when they’re talking about “doing something bold” I have to keep my mouth shut or I will let them know what I do best with just a slip of the tongue. My mind wanders in different ways than the women I eat lunch with, except of course the women that actually do know what I do. Then usually I am bombarded with questions: how big is the biggest cock you sucked or fucked – how many guys could you fuck? My fantasies are different, of course. I was told by a pro that had been in the biz a long time that I needed to not explore all my fantasies in the first month. I should hold on to some for as long as I can to keep me thinking there is always more I can explore sexually. The one fantasy that actually got me started in porn was sucking a lot of cock … especially the bukakke pictures I would see. I had always liked giving oral sex, even at the start of my sex life. I would think more of that than fucking.

Having a hard cock in my mouth and feeling the power of making it cum was so intoxicating. I would have to hide how much I loved it even from my girlfriends. Because if they knew what a total cumslut I was they would think I crossed the line.

After sucking enough cocks one at a time, the real fantasy was just the one – to see if I can cross that line and keep sucking one cock after another. The look on the faces of the pornstars I envied looked like they were out of their minds with pleasure, and overdose of sexual high. They did not even think, they would make one cock cum and just start sucking the next, needing that next flow of cum to make them more high. The vision of them when 4, 6, or 8 guys were hard, all waiting turns to unload cum on one girl’s face was such a turn on. Imagine how great that feels. One cock to suck after another, then when all got hard and wet and full, they quickly covered the face with load after load of cum. I wondered how many cocks realistically she could suck, which means how many I could suck. And while part of the mind puts limits, in the back of my mind was a voice telling me that I could go for an hour and not slow down. That is dozens of cocks … too many to count. And the sucking talent would get better and better every cock! Bukakke! So hot! Just about every boyfriend I talked to said it was so hot … but most would not let me do it. Or encourage it. Which made me want to do it even more, but know I had to keep it a secret.

This is what entered my mind when I was going to see my usual facial expert. It always does. Just the fact that it is called a facial and so is load after load of cum on the face makes the two the same thing. I didn’t realize it would be different this time, but it was because of a discussion I had right before I drove to the appointment. See this guy that is really popular with the girls wants to feel special, but also want to feel that rush of being with a girl who is so limitless in sexual talent and experience that it matches him. He has always given great oral sex. But says that a female is lucky because she has no problem finding limitless cocks to suck. I argued that even for a hot girl it’s not easy to do a bukakke train of cocks. He said all that needs to happen, since it becomes an obsession, is to cross the line and do it! I said it would need encouragement, but not with the boyfriend in the group. That would take away the pure sexuality of it.

So here I was lying down in the chair, listening to the dreamy music, while the facial girl did her job on me. I could feel her dab on the streaks of facial fluids, and then rub them in. They are warmed up here, so it is just like cum. She was telling me endless ways that facials are good for me. That I should get them all the time. And that men really respond so much better if I have a good facial. The afterglow of having facials is like a magic spell or elixer for both the receiver and any man that wanted her to look at him with those eyes and the face that loves having itself creamed. I started to drift to sleep, and her voice met up with the echoes of what my boyfriend told me, and then, that met up with my fantasies. Soon every time she stroked my face I could see it as a cock head. Oh my god I was getting so wet! I was almost feeling like I was on drugs, but I wasn’t. My mind was racing and filling with thoughts that I could really do this. But then there was always something holding me back.

I got finished and was still high on this thought when I turned on my phone and saw two calls from my boyfriend. He said he has an errand I had to do, right now. No delay. He had an address and said I had to go there and see if I see anything he would like. So I drive about 5 miles into a part of town I don’t know. Thank god for GPS. I find the place, and it is like a hang out after the gym. There were dozens of guys there, buff from a workout, wearing their gym shorts, some of them tight. I could see their bulges. When I got there, I was supposed to tell the owner I was there checking things out for my boyfriend. When I did that, the owner nodded, and asked me to take a seat until he got ready. While I sat down, I couldn’t help but notice how many guys seemed to walk around and sort of touch their cocks, which made them hard. Semi Hard anyway.

Wow these guys were sexy, but I was wondering what I was there for. Then the owner told me to follow him, and I walked into the back. There was a comfortable social club room. And then my phone rang. It was my boyfriend. All I heard was, “You want it, you want cocks cumming all at once on your face. Now it’s time. All these guys know how to do this and make it perfect for you. Get down on your knees bitch and show them you can take all their cocks and suck them dry.” I was startled, and one guy after the other entered. All were hot. The owner said that this is what I came for and to just give in and do it. I was so high from the desire and my heart was racing, then when the first cock was whipped out I knew I wanted to suck it. I heard my boyfriend say, “Don’t look at it, give in and start sucking. Suck it like a whore. Suck it with a purpose to let this take over and live out your fantasy.” His words keep echoing as one cock after another comes out. Then I see the owner push a soft stool out for me, and without thinking I was on it. The men surrounded me, four of them, and I started sucking and stroking. Oh my god this was more hot than I imagined. I was dripping wet myself.

I was letting myself be the total bukakke cumslut that had been growing as a fantasy for years. And all because my guy stepped aside and finally told me, like I was still hearing on the phone, “Do it, you want it! Be the cock slut you know you want to be! “ I set down the phone, and know he wanted to hear some of what I was doing. The men began to echo his voice, calling me a good bitch and cumslut as I started sucking. Now I wanted it so bad, and finally could enjoy giving in to it.

All the cocks got a great sucking, and they were stroking. Now there were five but I didn’t want a limit on it. When I sucked each head one more time, they let me have it! Blast after blast of hot, sexy, tasty cum! I got as much of it in my mouth as I could swallow as fast as I could, but just like my wishes, it was sexier to not be able to suck down all the cum I was making explode out.

I could hear his voice calling me a good cumslut and a good whore, a good cock sucking addict. And when they all came I felt wonderful, and so sexy and high. But then as he was talking, I realized this was not enough. I wanted more!

I could hear his voice talking to me more normally, saying, “Now, see, your fantasy was right all along, and you finally are so happy giving in to it. Now you’re complete.” But I was and wasn’t. I needed more. I thought, wow I could have done this the whole day I loved it so much.

When I heard him say, “Come home, tell me all about it “ I almost did, but then there was this more dominant voice saying, “You can’t stop now. You want more. And let’s see how many you can suck. “ There was this battle of wills in me, and then, one of the men came up and handed me $200. That was the final push. I not only was fulfilling my fantasy and loving it? I was getting paid for it? I am not stopping sucking! I picked up the phone and said, “You said you wanted this, and now that it has started, it isn’t stopping. I want more. So you will have to wait in line … after I suck to my hearts content.”

The owner was listening, and he had a list of places for me to go.

What I found out to my amazement was that there is no shortage of cocks to suck. I tried tranny cock, straight cock, gay cock , any time I could get more than one at a time was best. I found out that what is best is if I just shut off my mind and let the pleasure grow as I suck one after the other. There was a cool sort of switch in my mind that I could shut off and forget anything but going for more cocks. And the money was going to make someone very happy indeed.

The way it has turned out, I love being this cum slut addict for bukakke and lots of cock more than my old life with him. I keep it a secret, and he loves it, and knows that now, each time I go out on a bukakke craze, I love it more, and this becomes not an old desire but a growing desire. The more cocks I suck the more I want to see if I can top it. All I need is something to push that button for the day, and I will seek it out and do it. Otherwise, it is just a haunting voice saying, “You are a slut for cum and need more of it than you ever imagined.” My guy was worried he would lose out, so now we have an agreement. He gets all the pussy he wants, but I get al the cock I want first! He will call me when he is horny and talk to me, and build up the desire. Even when he is fucking other pussy I made it so that he thinks of all the cock I suck. I will call him when I am going to start sucking, and remind him that tits and nipples are like cocks to me, and I know he loves bit tits and sucking them. And if he sees a new girl with big tits and wants to fuck her, he knows our agreement is he talks to me and makes me go out and suck cock, lots of cock. Tons of cocks! The hotter the girl, the more cocks I get to suck. He said it makes him hot now when he is sucking a tit and tbinks of how much I love sucking cocks and will be sucking many soon. So it is up to him as much as me. When he wants me to suck – he sets it off. Or, if I want it, I make him think of tits and of me sucking, until he backs down and lets me get all I want.

He said I wanted it, and he was right. I knew I wanted it, but did not know how much it would be an uncontrollable need. But that is what makes it so hot and satisfying. I can’t stop it from growing. Oh, and the money? Most times I share it with him and he loves that too.

I cannot believe he let this loose in me. Finally my fantasy realized far deeper and more intense and uncontrollable than I ever imagined. But I begged for it. He even asked me a few times if I wanted it, and I kept saying Yes Yes do it, Yes . That was when we were fucking or just pillow talking. But then it became real. And though most people would say this would hurt a relationship, it bonds us tighter. He is the one to make it happen and the one who knows my secrets. And, it is actually making e fall in love. I can say that the more cock I suck the more love grows. Amazing. I want more and more.