Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Femboy Stripper

It’s hard to imagine anything looking better than the body of an admiring female or shemale naked, undulating within hands reach of you. Oh, but there is something even more erotic and overwhelming. A vision that breaks the will of any man and most women. I’m enjoying it now … enjoying the pleasure of sliding latex over my flesh. Up my thighs. Feeling it grip my ass, pressing against my lips like one wrapping tongue. The tightness adds to the erotic feeling my highly-sexed body always has because it makes me aware constantly of the perfection. My full breasts, squeezed under the latex, bursting out as my fingers work my nipples and the full meat of tits so hot that men cum just looking at them. I must admit that the sexual tingling after 30 seconds of cupping and moving my nipples, ass, and lips often dominates my need to keep going, turning my urgency to leave for dancing into an urgency for an orgasms – preferably caused at the fingers, mouth, and cock of one of my more devoted followers. But alas, my commitments can’t be ignored. I end up driving to dance with an erotic high that permeates the air and infects men watching me with lust. Damn, I look so hot in the mirrors, I can’t keep my hands off the latex, as skimpy as it it is, you’d think my fingers could stroke my exposed thighs or cleavage and it would be enough. But there is something special about teasing a nipple or clitty under latex. Mmmm – ahem, back to my mission.

The room, half full of men, buffets as my sexual energy spreads out through the room. Men and even the other women dancers can feel the high that began with slipping into a body tight latex cum-producing outfit like this one. Instantly the men drift to my stage as the music changes.

You there! Yes, you as I point, cum to the rail, like a good slave to your cock, and make it hard off the closeness as well as the view. Yes, you can feel it, the sex that is pouring out of me. You and some of the others have what it takes to turn me on more. I enjoy a special cocktail of interest in me – the spending of money for my dances, and the unrestrained craving for my body, attention, and sexual energy. When you give it to me like you are, I only get more charged up, more intensely sexual. My dancing starts off with a few slow twirls around the pole. My legs wrap around it and – Oh my God that’s a turn on. That pole squeezing the latex is the cock I abuse and ride for the next 3 minutes. As I use it to bend over and stare at you between my legs, beckoning you with my finger to cum closer … to lean in and drape that money across my skin, tuck it in or throw it down for me to crawl over.

I love crawling in latex because the muscles in my ass and back flex, showing you just how I will look when a man is lucky enough for me to unleash my sex on them and fuck them blind, dumb, and obedient. Oh way, you’re already that way – my mistake. Then I can still do it for the sheer release of energy and pleasure! Look at how my tits swell up and want to fall out of this as you slide a $50 bill into the slot between my full, rising breasts. Your cock would never fine a better slide, except maybe between my legs, a spot you can’t seem to take your eyes off of as I get down on my knees in front of you.

I move like a cat, eyeing you like my prey. As I do the splits, as I stroke my legs up to my pussy pole, you can feel the heat. My hair when it drapes on your face releases the smell of dominant sexual energy. You drink it in like it was water, but it’s a drug you will need more of. Just keep the attention and support cumming, and I’ll keep your mind overloaded with visual highs. You want this drug of sex, you need it, you’ll come back again and again to barter pieces of it. And I keep on this sexual high of my own until the right moment when I pick my prey and pounce!

I know you could be the one … if you just give in and let me take over. Let my perfect body with its curves, skin, and the secrets hidden under the latex become all you dream about and all you seek when you are not dreaming. And now the ultimate icing on the cake – photographs! The flash hits me. It triggers a need to explode, a need to turn my dance into an uncontrolled fuck-fest of all my fantasies. But the wild part of this is, that I’m not gonna give in, I’m going to pour all that sex high into my dancing, my powers over you, and it’s all going to show in the pictures.

Bye for now, I have very hot, wet latex panties gripping me in just the right places, and these lovely breasts to fondle and stroke for you. Come see me often, it only get better each time.