Thursday, July 29, 2010

Go Daddy Go

Pleasing Your Princess As Only Daddy Can

SL'S well Known Cocksucker Eroseeker Watanabe

Today is full of surprises, starting with the new panties and skirt sent to me. They feel so good, pulling them up to my soft lips … mmm, adjusting them. I love how they show when I swish my skirt, makes a tingle run up my thigh. Growing my hair an inch more lets me swish my fingertips over my breast buds, and for some reason that gets so sensitive when I’m talking to my Daddy lately. He might say he’s looking into my ice blue eyes, but he pays even more attention when my brushing up against him puts his fingers on my thighs, and I love how hot I get when I see his pants bulge. I’m a naughty Princess, but I can’t help it.. And neither can he, now that I’ve grown to love insisting he shows me how much he adores me. It’s my greatest pleasure watching him go off to do what I insist he does, because after all, this is what makes me a true Princess. This is my position in life, and my purpose is to define that limits of pleasure he gets by pleasing me. This all makes dressing up for him and taking the time from my day of being pampered so special to him and to me. Today I’m especially tingled to get him to do what I need him to do. I’ve seen lots of things a Princess should have, some especially made for me, and no Princess worth her crown would rest until she’s pleased.

Ahh, skipping off and through the busy room, I see all the eyes of wanna-be Daddies on me. My tight thighs and swishing skirt have them mesmerized. But I only have eyes for one Daddy … the one who knows so well his place in my life. My mind has developed quite a taste for his figuring out what limits he has to cross before I know for sure he is devoted to me. And there he is, through the crowd. Slacks, button down shirt, his eyes urgently searching for the soft skin and pink lips. Both pinks lips if he had his way. Now he sees me, and yes, I can see that look in his eyes. I call it the “My Princess Means Everything In The World To Me” look. His big strong arms open up, and all the men in the room are jealous. I’ve seen those bulges in their pants before, and I love working them into a frenzy. Today I’ll be especially teasing.

Ooooo, a big hug, and I can feel his whiskers. I need a lap to sit on, and hint to that, but first I’ll do my little walk, my circling walk. I love hooking my fingers into his pocket as I walk around him, this lets my hands brush his lump in his pants, and puts my face right in front of him a few times.

“How is my Princess today,” he asks. I can see that he must have been awake all night once again. Giggle. I love this part. “I could be better with a Daddy that tells me what he dreamed last night.” I have a private spot all picked out for us. We’re alone and can feel close, and I want him to feel the softness of my skin to prick up his attention …. And other things. I’ve noticed how much closer he pays attention to my needs when his face gets flushed and his pants get tight. I get dizzy like now. This only makes me want things even more. “You dreamed about me again, didn’t you?” “How did you know, Princess?” “Your face is flushed, like I get when I am caught doing things I simply cannot resist, even though I know they are naughty. So tell me about your dream, Daddy.” I have him sitting on a small loveseat, but I am too excited to see how far he will go today to please me to sit down. Plus, I know his weaknesses.

“In my dream, I was going to a new home, one that you would love. It had so many rooms to explore. I had this idea in my mind all through the dream, that I was supposed to find something called the Purpose Room. I did not know what it was, but I found a room that had a big bed in it. And on the bed –“ I wiggle between his knees and face him with my big eyes, which stops him from talking a while, but he starts again. “On the bed were so magazines. And the magazines had lots of pictures of girls who are very wild.” “I’ve seen some magazines like that, and as long as I am your only Princess, I want my Daddy happy, so tell me more.” As he continues, I knew it was time to put my fingers on his knees, and slowly run them up his legs. I could see his mind sort of blank out more and more, and this was so perfect. “Well, the pictures were of girls, they were naked. And doing things with men, and sometimes with women.” I was thrilled, and this tingling was making my panties stick to my skin. “Play with my hair when you tell me more. And don’t leave anything out.” I made sure my hair was in front of my shirt, and that his hands would slowly go to the tips. He stared at them as he talked as if he was emptying his mind of all other thoughts. “What were the women doing, where were they?” He continued, “They were on beds, or sofas like this one. The girls had large breasts, and they were very excited. They were usually with men. And they let the man touch them, but mostly, they wanted to please the man.” “How?” I asked. I could see that his face was flushing. “They were using their mouths to please them.” “Oh, like a kiss,” I asked? “Yes, but more. They used their mouths to, um … “

I had seen these magazines before, he didn’t know. I sneaked into his room. The memory of seeing the mouths of these sexy girls sucking the man’s big strong penis got me so excited I didn’t notice how much I was rubbing against the pillow between my legs. They had big lips of red, and they would suck and suck until white stuff came out, and the man and women all loved it. So I wanted all the details, and know that he wanted to tell me, because this was how I saw how much he loved me. “Don’t hide anything, Daddy, or I wont’ think you love me.” “Okay, well, they would put their mouths on the man’s cock, which is what we call a hard penis. And they suck it and lick it, until the man gets so excited he has what they call an orgasm.” I knew from reading what an orgasm was, and I was so excited when I figured out what to do about this, I almost had an orgasm. He was giving me the best idea right now! “Daddy, who likes it the most? The man or the woman?” “Well they both like it” he said, but then stopped when I cupped his hands and dragged them down until they could feel the first bit of softness of by tiny forming breasts. I moved back and forth so that his legs rubbed his own erection. “They both like it, the man gets the excitement, but the woman does too sometimes if she does it right, she feels the same explosion of pleasure.’ “So what happens next?” “I hear some noise, and I was hoping it was you, but it was some other woman’s voice I didn’t want to hear, so I sneaked out of that room, and went into an elevator. As soon as I got in, I went down so far and fast I thought I would crash, but I didn’t, it was so smooth when the elevator door opened up, that I walked out into a busy room, like the one I saw you in tonight.” I knew this was perfect now. “So then I saw you, and your eyes told me to follow you to a room like this, and you went in, and when we were alone, you said, “Daddy, I want you to be as happy as the pictures you love to look at.”

I leaned forward and laughed, rubbing my stomach along his legs right up to his bulge. “So, the dream was better than the other ones, with you waiting for me to tell you what would please you. Only this one was more complex?” I asked. “Yes.” This was perfect. I kept rocking in and out, pressing against him, and his face got red and he breathed deep and slowly. His eyes were locked on mine. I knew I had him right where I want him.

“I always see that the pictures are in your dreams, and also hidden in your rooms, so, I want to find out all about them, and you need to tell me. You need to go out and be like the pictures and tell me who likes it best. But, I want you to be the one who sucks this time.” His eyes opened up large … and I could hear his breathing stop a moment. His face got red. “Why?” he asked. “Because there are two things I know. The first is that you want to please your Princess. You do that by surprising me with gifts, but today you had no gift. So now, your gift is to live out the dream and tell me who likes it more, the man or the woman. And it has to start right now.” His face was excited. “You know you want to, you keep having the dreams and your pictures are of sucking cock. You are my Daddy and you should go get what you crave. If I help make it happen, then for sure you will bring me all the gifts you can think of. I bring you cock and cum, and you bring me gifts, it’s a show of adoration and its fair.” He was shocked, but I could see already a gleam of pleasure in his eyes. “And the second thing I know is, that once I get you to do something for me, you will do it all the time I ask and love it, just like stroking my hair.” I put his hands over my breasts nubs now, and push in so he feels me leaning against his shaft. “I can feel how much you like it already. So now all you need to do is obey your Princess, and all the pleasure you want will come to you.”

He was in a daze, a daze of lust. His mouth opened. “It’s easy, just keep opening your mouth wider …” I slowly lowered before him, almost like the pictures, where the eyes look up at the man, and he could see how well I had studied the cock sucking pictures now. I held there. “…. And get down on your knees, and suck it like the girls in the pictures. And suck enough of them so I know you tell me the right answer. Now, go suck cock like a good Daddy, and I’ll see you here tomorrow morning. And don’t say another word, just go and do it like I told you to do it. And when you come back, naturally you will bring me all the things we talked about that a Princess needs to live a good Princess life, Daddy. Because that is how we keep it fair – I bring you your dreams and pictures to life, and you bring my Princess needs to life. The more cocks you suck, the more gifts your bring, so suck a lot of cocks for me. Or I will be sad, and you want me happy and you want cock.”

I saw him rise up and almost like a robot obey me and leave.

The rest of the day I played with dolls, putting them into the positions my Daddy would be in, and I got so excited that my hands went all over my body. I know how to make it feel good, and I was so excited to see him the next day. He looks ever tired, but happy, and had a box with him. I knew it was for me. He was still looking like he was obeying the Princess, and when we got into the room, he told me what happened as I opened the presents.

“Daddy did just like you told him to do. I went out thinking that maybe I would do work, but I couldn’t. I had this overwhelming need to do what my Princess told me to do. I could still feel your hands on my legs, and heard your words that I was going to be in your position all night. Before I knew it, I was on my laptop. I had seen a sight that had sexy girls for dating. But what I wanted was a cock in my mouth. What was perfect was this woman who would put on a cock that looked real. This was easy to do. I called her, and went to her. We didn’t talk much, I just wanted it in my mouth. She was very sexy, and she pushed in and out, until my throat relaxed. I sucked it really good. Just like you told me to do. And got very wet. She said I did fine. But she said that maybe I was looking for something more. I told her I was trying to please someone who is the most important person in my life, and that I promised to suck cock, but women usually were in the pictures. She knew just where to send me. She had me drive to an apartment. I rang the doorbell, and a sexy busty woman answered the door. She led me in, but all I could think about was sucking cock. Maybe the first woman did not understand. I sat on the sofa and quickly this busty woman had me sucking her nipples. I was in a daze … and suddenly I felt her push my head down. Something else filled my mouth. A big hard cock! It was huge! This was what they call a Transexual, and she had a huge cock and balls full of cum. I sucked and sucked. It was so natural to go from the nipple to the cock head. When it gushed out cum, I licked it up just like the pictures. But that was not all. She said she never saw someone want cum so much, and I had to admit, I wanted more. So the next thing I know, I am at a place she called the Banana Shack. There were many men there, and I don’t know why, but I said I was there to fulfill my purpose. The next thing I know, I had one cock after another. Every cock seemed to explode with more cum, and each taste made me more addicted to it, and to pleasing my Princess. All night long, when I thought I had all the cock I could handle, I found another cock urge come on. I counted so many then lost count. But today I woke up and knew I had to buy you several gifts, one for each cock. So here they are, Princess.”

This was perfect. I got so wet and excited during his talk that he didn’t notice I had rubbed up against him. He was hard, and I made sure I put the presents on his lap and my fingers would glide over him. This was so perfect. One gift after another from my Daddy. When I opened the last one, he and I were both so pleased. “Now I know you care about me more than the girls in the pictures. And soon, we will play this game again, Daddy.” He smiled, and then it was time for me to go and play with my gifts. Daddy knows how to please his Princess now. Sucking, and then rewarding me for putting the idea to suck so deep in his mind that he wants more cock than ever before. It will grow and grow in him, just like his love for me grows and grows. And we both will get all we desire.”

This is the best way for a Daddy to show his Princess how much he is devoted to her happiness. I know of a lot of daddies out there who would love to have a Princess who understands them. Like I do. All they have to do is keep the perfect balance of obeying, rewarding, and being the best Daddy so that all the other daddies are jealous. If they do that, they will get all the caresses, all the attention they need, and all the cock they can slide into their mouths in a day.