Friday, August 20, 2010

Playmates First Femboy/Transgender Bunny

The make-up, the heels, the hair. Those full gorgeous breasts, perfect asses. Everywhere I look. Charming, sexy girls embracing me, welcoming me into the most elite, most enviable inner social circle in Second Life. All my life I stared in wonder at the photographs of the most desirable, sexy yet acceptable girls in the world … and now through the grace and sharp eye of The Playmate Palace Group I joined these girls!

If you could smell the heavenly aroma of their perfume, you would be as intoxicated as I am standing among them. I search each lovely face and ask so many questions, all to grow and learn how to reflect the epitome of fine taste and refined training to please those who opened their minds and world to me. Especially Pixieblonde Swindlehurst and Max Butoh, without whom I would forever be simply looking in with dreams in my eyes at their world. You all give so much to so many through your tasteful efforts and lofty goals. I am in awe of the way you and your company can change lives through sensual and erotic influence. For you see, I am the first transgender Playmate Bunny ever accepted into the Playmate Palace Group!

I must say that I was so nervous at first, yet once I met the girls, they were so wonderful to me. Talk about gorgeous. Yet they have so much to share, so much praise and good vibes that nurture me – nurture anyone. If I have learned one thing, it is that sharing what gifts we have with others to make them feel uplifted is sublime.

I had seen the E! Channel coverage of Playboy Mansion events, with the girls in lingerie, exiting limousines, strutting in through the front doors, then dancing and partying the night away. And now I live it! All my life I knew there was an ultimate goal that would tell me two things: first, “You’ve reached your biggest dreams”; and second, “Why you reached your dream.” Well, some reasons why are due to personal dedication and applying oneself. But I am talking about what I should do with this gift once I have reached my goal. And I think I am learning that, but for now, I know that I can share my passion for anyone’s dreams. I can make my enthusiasm to make people feel part of a special world and the Playmate Palace Group now. I want everyone to share the fun and inspiration that I get to feel every time I join them. No matter how seemingly insurmountable your goals, if you treat others right and focus, your chances of reaching them improve. And, with people as wonderful as the ones who enabled this, I feel so much encouragement to make them proud!

Standing among the other gorgeous girls, I realize how much this feeds the hearts, minds, souls, and sexual beings of men and women around us. It sure makes me feel sexy and loved – can’t tell which one I feel more. And my days are spent making myself as beautiful as I can, and acting as poised as I can, yet in a sexual way, so that the aura and legacy of everyone and everything I am a part of continues to grow.

Well I’m off now, to sizzle and dance with them all. I’ll keep you updated! Come find us! It’s a world of wonder and sexy excitement you’ll never forget.