Monday, January 30, 2012

The Sexiest Awards 2011

Posing On The Red Carpet

It’s impossible to describe the sensation you feel walking the Red Carpet. As I walked in with my stunning Dress and a good friend “stimulating” fall short while “a great high” turns art into drug lingo. Creating films that entertain people is a bold enough achievement. Creating films that make people orgasm is pure indulgence.

I was up for the Porn Star Awards on Second Life. Nominated for Best Anal Scene, Best Couple, and Best Editor in a Second Life porn movie put us in the “good seats.” Squeezing the tits of half the Best Actress nominees is a pleasure they should make mandatory in the Oscars. Lol joking.

Left to Right Director and Porn Star Alex Latino, Director and Porn Star CeCe Luminos, and Porn Star Krystal Pearl

This year, the advancements in software and locations brought our films up to a whole new level. You can seriously get lost in the erotic scenes now. I was imagining questions that would be brought up by reporters like why she loves this so much, of which I would reply, “A dozen men secretly came up to tell me that I was their first Tranny sex, and it was so good they finally got the balls to go for it in real life.” I really do change their whole world. And you can’t always do that in other jobs in Second Life.

Left to Right Guest Unknown, Director/Artist Pixie Rain, and Porn Star Emmanuelle Jameson

The only down side was going to the restrooms. They should have learned from last year to double the stalls in the bathrooms. It’s impossible for anyone to take a pee when all the space is used up for fucking between stars.

When the awards came up, I didn’t win. But just to be included among the best-respected Directors is a huge step for any Tranny movie stars and Directors. Hundreds of movies are made each year, yet only a few dozen get awards for them. It was a high point of my career, and I hope to return next year with the latest I’ve learned up on the screen and take home a statue.

Left to Right Porn Star Arwen Juneberry, Porn Star Jinx Jensen Director and Porn Star Serenity Kristan

You can see by the pictures this was a dressy event with an emphasis on sexy, even slutty clothes for the girls and Tranny’s. lol no It was all ELEGANT Find us throughout Second Life. Go in to a casting, I’d love to show you the couch. Maybe And I’m sure that my actors or any other tranny Porn Stars or Producers can’t wait to show you the best of both worlds.

Left to Right Porn Star Kai Barineaux, Director and Porn Star Bert Jedburgh, and Porn Star CeCe Luminos