Monday, January 31, 2011

Racking Balls and Stroking Sticks

Pornstars: BrendaK Giordano & Eros Plutonian

I’d been thinking about a hard, nasty fucking since I woke up. The vibrator orgasms didn’t satisfy this craving, it amplified it. Showering I couldn’t take my hands off my perfect tits. My fingers dipped into my pussy a dozen times until the ringing phone snapped me out of a good fantasy of a watery gang bang. My pussy was on fire, my clit throbbing when I saw the Caller I.D. was Eros.

Multi-orgasm-dick Eros. I’m not talking about his giving me multi-orgasms, cuz I can take care of that. I’m talking about him! He could come 5 times in an hour, big explosions. A Cock and Cum Slut loves that kind of man like a god!

I hadn’t fucked him yet, but his cock was legendary among my girlfriends. And he loved having it fluffed. He called and I missed it, but he sent a text message that everyone is meeting at Iron, the bar that has motorcycle night. I assumed my girlfriends already knew about this. Having a full day with my hair being cut and highlighted, I was out of touch until 7, then in a massage, and then home to dress.

I went through my closet until I found just the right mini-skirt. Boots up to my thighs. A tank top with a leather jacket.

Iron is out of control. Eros did a good job, drawing everyone out to Iron for this charity event. But my mind wasn’t on how to get flies off of poor little Jabaar in Brenda, it was on how to get off PERIOD. I wanted cock! A lot of the guys knew that my life was porn and I loved it. But these guys couldn’t keep a hard cock long enough, not with my tight pussy and talented mouth. I had my eyes on Eros and it wasn’t long before I talked him into a ride on his rice rocket.

We got the fuck out of there and took to the street. My pussy throbs wet when I’m scared, and he is nearly suicidal. I held on tight, all the way to when he pulled up in front of Cues Billiards. It was 1 a.m. by then, and the place was empty downstairs. The knew him there so he asked for the upstairs table room. We climb the stairs and I made sure he got a close long look at my ass as I was two steps ahead of him.

By the time we were racking balls, I could see him getting hard in his pants. The curtains for the room make this almost totally private, someone has to know to even come in this part of the upstairs. And with it so slow, we felt like we had the whole club to ourselves. Eros watched me bend over the table racking the balls.

My tits were spilling out of the tank top. When he broke the balls, a few went in. I watched him line up the shots, and teased him by putting my pussy right behind the pocket he was aiming for. By the third pocket, he said, ‘Angel baby, your hole is making this hard.” That’s all I had to hear. I walked to his side, and slid my hand over his throbbing cock and said, “Better?” “Yes and no.” He made the shot. As he walked around the table, I followed him. I let him line up the shot, then I got on my knees and said, “I’ll suck your cock dry if you can make this shot while I suck it.”

Eros laughed and lied saying this happens to him every time he plays. I had his cock hardening in my mouth by then and laughed. I made sure I was sucking him vigorously when he shot. This made him miss. “Damn it,” he said. The cue ball ended up in his area, luckily, and he set up another shot. By this time, he was rock hard and about to cum.

I kept on moving him, and then right when I figured he was ready to shoot, I shoved a finger up his ass and his moan was one second ahead of his missed show. “Bitch!” He picked me up in an instant and threw me down on my back, with my pussy aimed right at him. He ripped off my panties and I held his head down as he ate my muff.

God this is what I needed! Lying on my back, his tongue and fingers working my pussy and clit, I got off in a big orgasm in seconds. He flipped me over and dragged me to the side of the table. He rammed it in hard and fast. I yelped in pleasure and his thighs slapped my ass like a never ending hard spank.

He was ready to shoot so I said, “Let me know, I want it in my mouth, all of it.” He rammed a few more times, then spun me around and I dropped to my knees. Sure enough his beer can cum spray flooded my mouth with hot sweet cum. The tank top was white so what hit my chest was lost in the shirt. I knew he could go again, so I sucked him hard quickly and then pushed him down on the table.

I climbed on his cock and started riding it. I was moaning a bit too much, and before long I saw the night crew found us, and was peering in from the curtains. This just got me hotter. I was riding up and down and could hear him getting ready to cum again, so I hopped off and caught all the cum in my hand.

He was still convulsing when I grabbed the pool cue and lubricated the thick end with the cum. I jumped back on his cock and told him, “Shove it up my ass, I want two!” I leaned forward and he slid it into my wet ass, working it in slowly as I leaned over. The two of them in me was enough to make me orgasm almost immediately. “I can feel it hitting my cock,” he moaned. I got into a rhythm, and in about 5 minutes, he got close to cumming.

By this time, I wanted more than one cock. The pool cue was discarded on the floor. He started to laugh. “Tomorrow some loser is going to wonder why his right hand smells like shit.” I slapped him playfully.

But now I was warmed up with cock in both holes. I saw that two of the guys working were jerking off, and had nice sized cocks. So I motioned them over, and then bent over the pool table, so that my mouth was free to suck cock. Eros drilled me from behind while I put one cock then the other into my mouth.

I don’t know how long they fucked me like this, changing places, but I had so many orgasms that I couldn’t walk or even stand up. I was totally and thoroughly fucked and sucked out! The workers left and then Eros helped me to his rice rocket. I could barely stay on it, my thigh muscles were aching and weak. He dropped me off, and I walked into my apartment. After a shower, during which my knees buckled and I sat on the floor for some of it, I hit the bed. My body was nothing but one pulsing sex machine … and I know, this is what I live for.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Three Way

Charlie Serrano, CeCe Luminos, Thorald Fang

Today is the first day the weather turned hot, and everyone turns out with a sense of adventure and reckless abandon harking back to their college days. I know I sure did. I put on my tight jeans and sneakers, a tight t-shirt showing off my hard body, and packed my Ipod with club tunes. Before I left home my neighbor ambushed me with a bong hit and a shot of tequila no one in his right mind would refuse. She’s got a body made for sin that gave me a hard-on. She barely covered her tits with a torn tank top, the nipples poking through the edges. And there I was bending over a little to take the bong hit as she held the bong right in front of the cleavage. My mouth opened and it was a tough choice – bong hit, or her tits? Her six foot five boyfriend lurking in the doorway made the choice to suck down the smoke easier to do. I was thinking about how the sudden appearance of a third party changes everything. A true cock block this time.

The buzz detoured me from anything that had anything to do with holding back. Music blared from every store, giving a vibe made for dancing crews to do their thing. I hit the streets and everywhere I walked people hooked up or just did wild shit. Grabbing ass. Getting a buzz on any way possible. Couples making out. I swear every girl this side is in a mini-skirt by now.

I was seeing my bro’s locking lips, other ones begging girls to come upstairs into their flats. I tried dialing a few, but every reply came though on a text saying they were out of town. I hit into a bar, and before I knew it, was on my third beer and second shot. Feeling no pain, I roved through the girls. Someone told me about a party across the park. It was a nice day so I decided to walk it. Half way there the beer hit my bladder and I needed to unleash a major piss. Hell where is it? I thought one was here somewhere, and I was looking around when I saw her. Short flowered skirt, long tight legs, low heels, and swinging tits in a loosely hanging tank top. Right above her scoop neck was a necklace that caught the sunlight and made it impossible not to stare at the fullest breasts I’d seen in weeks.

I changed my pace as she came my direction. I was lost, so it wasn’t hard to look lost. She smiled when I said I needed to find the closest bathroom. Then she said, “I’m going the same place, follow me.” That was the easiest thing I’ve done my entire life. This girl was smokin’ hot, and sex poured out of her every pour. Long flowing hair, slim waist, ass that jiggled just right, and of course those tits! My cock got half hard right away, and she sure knew how to swing those puppies. She wore a bit of makeup for a daytime walk, but hey, she was on fire.

When we reached the cinder block structure, I made for the mens side. The need to piss was so strong that I whipped it out before I even got to the urinal. I shot out one of the longest pisses of my life. My whole body felt a huge relief. When I got done, I went out and looked around. I was sure that with a piss taking this long, she would be out there waiting. I sure as hell didn’t want to lose her. So I ducked my head into the womens room and said her name. No answer. There weren’t any chicks around so I walked in another step. That’s when I heard it – her moaning in sexual pleasure. I knew it was her by the voice and my hand instantly started grabbing my cock head. I couldn’t help it. She must be masturbating in the stall, I thought. I should just time it right and go in and help her.

This was one of those bathrooms with the long cinder block wall makes it more private, so it took several steps to get to her. Then I could see her backside … but what the hell? She was kneeling. Another inch forward and holy shit, she’s sucking a guy’s cock! Sucking it like a pro. What the fuck, this was hot but I was totally confused. Did she know this guy before? It didn’t seem to matter to him, his cock was being throated and stroked like he was in a porno. And what a cock, huge, hard veins. She was loving it.

She needed off the floor, so he sat up on the high counter,, and she bent forward slightly to suck it down. Her skirt was short and this put her tits in his hands. She let him squeeze them until they fell out of the top. Wow, perfect huge tits. By now I was stroking my cock and was drunk enough that I moved forward. His eyes were closed as he leaned back, so I came up behind her and cupped her free tit with my hand. She had a mouth of cock so she couldn’t say much, she looked behind her and saw me and instantly pushed her ass against my cock while not missing a suck stroke of that cock.

This girl had everything I wanted. Oversexed attitude with a killer body. The dude opens his eyes and for a second he jumped, but then he smiled and gave me a signal to get on my knees. With his permission and feeling how sexed up she was, I went for it. She turned sideways and my mouth was open waiting for the wet slit when suddenly she had a big headed cock aimed right for my lips. I didn’t see it, I felt it! It slid between my lips and was all over my face before I knew what hit me. This made her even hotter. And at first I started to get up. But she moved quick and shoved a nipple in my mouth. I started sucking and sucking, and was so high on the sex and shots that I don’t know what I was thinking. When her hand started for my cock, I knew I needed to cum. The cock didn’t matter suddenly except in a good way. I had my mouth all over her tits and she was leaning me over until suddenly that tit was a cock. The move was so smooth that the head was in my mouth and I was sucking off the pre-cum without noticing. And it felt so hot!

She started down on me, and my throbbing hot cock head felt ready to explode when she sucked it. It took a minute, but I got into a good cock sucking pace. I had no idea it was this sexy. And from the way he moved I was good. But she wanted my mouth now. She sat up on the counter, next to him. The two got close and then their cocks were both right in front of my mouth. I forgot totally that anyone could come in, I was so high on sex. I had been sucking him, so I moved to her, and to my surprise, she was harder and bigger than he was. I worked from her tits off her nipple to the cock, while stroking the other one. When I wanted his cock, she would lean over, and I would go from her tit to his cock and suck like they were the same thing. Only his cock could choke me.

I wanted cock and I wanted them to cum so I could cum. I got serious about the tenchinque, and sure enough she was getting ready to cum. I wanted to focus on her, so he got on his knees and started to suck my cock as I worked hers. I could feel the cock head swelling in my mouth. She was squeezing her tits hard, and suddenly she exploded in my mouth!

This huge flow of cum drowned me. He slapped me on the back and I swallowed it in a big gulp! It was not even all the way down when both of them pushed me down on my knees and his cock fucked my face deep and fast. His ass pumped that cock in me while she held my head and leaned down with her tits close by. I could hear by his moans he was going to cum, and she did too, so she pushed my mouth deeper onto hit cock.

This turned her on more and she was getting hard again as she stroked herself. I wanted that cum so bad, and he blew his load in my mouth. Instantly he was on his knees and I was on the counter as his mouth sucked my cock and so did she, right alongside her, as she stroked herself hard again. It was so sexy that I shot my cum for him, and she quickly aimed her huge cock at me and even though I was still moaning from the orgasm he was finishing, I pushed him off and dropped to my knees to get that cum load a second time!

She blasted it into my mouth. I had never been so high on sex in my life. Never with a tgirl, and barely ever with a girl this sexy and stunning. They both laughed because my face showed how high on sex I was, but that was the right thing to do. I looked in the mirror and suddenly was looking into the face of a true cock lover, a cumslut that just sucked down three loads of cum and wanted more.

I was in a daze, and they helped to make sure that I was all together before we exited the bathroom. The sun hit me hard and stunned me. I watched them walk off together. My cock was dripping some cum, and my mouth felt so satisfied. I was starting to walk home. But then after about 50 yards I realized that I usually went home after I shot my load off because that part was done. Now that I was a true cock sucker and wanted more, I had all the reason to stay out and see if lucky things do come in threes.

That tgirl ended up being the sexiest addiction of my young life. She found out where I live, and would ambush me with a guy or two. And we’d go at it. The best was when she started including other tgirls. Some days I would suck them all off twice, swallowing six loads. She’s the sweetest devil, addicting porn style fuck and suck of my life! Tits, cocks, ass, and total surrender to her overwhelming sexual powers. This is where I want to let my addictions take over.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Anal Explosions-Erotic Story of the Month-Spice Rack Magazine

A big thank you to Alyssa Dreschler over at Spice Rack Magazine for choosing my story as Erotic Story of the Month The pictures attached in the magazine are a MUST SEE.. go pick up your copy today at their club.

Objects In Mirror Are Larger Than They Appear

That’s the phrase that ran through my mind the moment I realized anal orgasm would become addicting. I was bent over in the front seat of the SUV in a deserted parking structure. This stranger reaming my ass had a new Cadillac with side mirrors that automatically move in when the car is parked so people don’t pick them off when driving by. I couldn’t look over at his cock as it pounded my G-Spot because my hands had a death grip on the steering wheel. So with my temple pressed on the padded wheel my eyes aim at the rear view mirror, and I could see the cock but Damn it felt huge! He had a mushroom head, was rock hard, and I could feel it re-routing my inner ass, turning it and the cock head within it into a giant camshaft – POUND POUND POUND POUND POUND! Rapid fire leads to internal combustion of the Clit and I swear smoke was pouring out of my pussy it was so hot. Hell yes this cock has got to be bigger than it appears in the mirror. This guy knew how to Greek a bitch! Best back seat driver in the world, he was half standing, drilling down from above at that perfect angle, my hips held rigid by the passenger seat that I folded down. No matter how merciless he penetrated, my hips were immobile and going nowhere – just like I wanted it. My ass had lubed up great from the vaginal sex and pussy licking he gave me, but I wasn’t ready for his perfect technique. Stretched to the limit but aimed on target, he was giving me my third orgasm before he started panting that he was ready to blow his cork in me. When his rock hard cock burst its cap, his drilling smoothed out and my ass felt his head pull against my rim like a dog’s baseball sized bulb pulls on a bitch after it shoots its load. If I wasn’t moaning in pleasure so much I swear I could have heard the pop of a champagne cork when he pulled out.

I’d been totally dominated, totally taken, and totally satisfied. All thanks to an ass that knows how to relax and take it like a sex toy. Anal sex is the Trifecta of sex for both dominants and submissives … for gays and straights … even for religious fanatics that don’t allow vaginal sex but somehow pat the man on the head and tell him, “When you can’t resist, ram it in her ass, it isn’t as bad a sin.’ (That’s where they, in part, get the name of Greek for anal sex, as the Orthodox would punish vaginal sex and or force marriage for it … plus, they had all those Greek boys of pleasure of the civic leaders going back to pre-Christ days. Oh yes, the history of anal sex being trumpeted with the trumpets off ancestors is endless. For good reason.

The Trifecta title is owed to the Mental, Biological, and Pleasurable.

The Mental includes all the ways anal sex is associated with dominance, submission, being taken, rape, taboo, sin, degradation, and secret compulsions or fixations. Fucking me up the ass does all this at once, triggering that part of the mind that says, “I’m just a fucking slut and want sex rammed into me every day and every way by anybody good at it. My purpose in life is to cum, give orgasms, and seek the best of them.”

The Biological is simply that I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. That releases a small part of my mind holding back and worried, so that the same area can focus on getting off.

The Pleasurable comes from the fact that even though a man can spend an hour licking my pussy and not find the clit or right method, and can be too small to hit my deeper G-spot in my vagina, it’s easy to get a hard cock aimed at my anal G-‘spot. Plus, a mid sized cock feels like a big cock, big feels huge! If I can get a vibrator on my clit, I’ve won the Triple Crown – anal, vaginal, and clitoris triggered all at once to give me the Biggest O. And all the while, he made me feel like being an addict for orgasms is a noble goal.

That SUV sex happened a year ago. And since them, I’ve become the master of my own ass sex. I read up, tested up, reamed up, and gotten more cocks to rise up by tempting them with hard core anal. In fact I know that the quality of men has gone up too. It seems men in power, men with wealth, men who are willing to reward the bitch that makes them feel like the king of the world through anal sex know a good thing when they find it, and do what they need to do to beat the competition. They will pay me and reward me, and why not? I take anal sex and turn it into the anal Olympics, with them getting the Gold Medal every time.

Double Penetration. I’ve only tried it twice with two men, but holy hell does that make me feel like the sex toy of the cosmos. Every element in my body is dedicated to fucking, penetrating, gripping that cock and milking the cum out of it, even if it means turning me inside out with cock! I love it! Give it to me, you hard cocked dominant son of a bitch!

Deep Penetration. Okay, yes, there are times when I gasp for air and tears form in my eyes, and oh how they love to have me look over my shoulder at them with this look of, “I can’t take any more” … because they just give it to me deeper. What I love most about this is the same thing I loved about vaginal sex when I was in my first years of intercourse. It made me feel your cock and dominance every time I sat down, moved, and touched myself.

Degrading Penetration. For obvious reasons, the slang, filthy descriptions, names, and role playing all become more real when a cock is ramming my ass. I become that sex toy, that slut, in all ways. There is no denying that he sees me as his kinky, slut bitch whore when he won’t stop pumping my ass.

I’m working on a thesis for my return to college and need a lot of hard cocks that truly get all that I’m saying about anal sex. Which one of you wants the Five Star Starfish of Anal as your pleasure toy? Don’t hold back, my ass is lubed and ready to suck all that cum out of your cock, and beg you for more.