Monday, June 28, 2010

Luminos Productions First 8 Films

Check out the first 8 hot steamy FEMBOY AND STRAIGHT videos made by Luminos Productions prepare to Enjoy.


This is a quick promo for my first of many adventures I
seek to have on Second Life. Im a 20-Something Femboy
Iso Of Strong intelligent Men of All size and shapes
who are willing to cum in one of my video
ventures...If thats you look me up on Second Life
Under CeCe Luminos.This was filmed in a skybox above
Blackhouse -An Interracial Role Playing Sim. The
Manager of the club adores Fembois.. and just couldnt
resists me this evening. He took me back to his place..
I gave him some of me... He gave me some of him...

His addiction was too much to bare. No matter how much
he let go he couldnt deny his hidden desires. He sees
her standing in the corner at a nightclub. You plead
for her to notice you but she is singularly focused.
He gazes upon her perfectly formed features and
notices she is not like the rests but that she is a
femboy. His beautiful face is angular and wickedly
sharp.He proceeds to ask if he would like to dance.
Before he knew it his desires were becoming a
reality. Thoughts of erotic carnal lust were on his
mind as their bodies began to play with one another on
the dance floor. If you have any desires youd like to
explore with a femboy like me tell me about it. I may
just be your new Addiction. You Can reach me on Second
Life Under CeCe Luminos.. Ill be waiting. *smiles*
Stay tuned for some more hot adventures as CeCe
Luminos fills her own desires for you to enjoy.

A night of fun turns deadly for CeCe Luminos as she
encounters two strangers in the club with a taste for
Deadly Erotic Pleasures./nPornstars CeCe Luminos Eros
Plutonian Scooby Mode

Eros Heads Out To Venture In The Wrong Place as his
subconscious mind is gotten hold of by a stripper
leaving him in quite the vulnerable state.

Lions and Tigers and Bears? No.. lol CeCe Luminos is at
it again as she encounters a jungle man in the forests
whos had a desire to always be with her. This encounter
leads them on a lustful adventure of hot love makin..
Subtitles included but the luv makin is good enough
it may just distract your reading..

With so many requests and so little time. CeCe Luminos
just started her own volumed series Creeping on Da-Low
for all brothas who want to fuck her with anonymity.
Session will be taped but the anonymity of The Creep
Fucker will not be revealed. Looking to fuck second
lifes hottests femboy pornstar? Contact CeCe Luminos
in-world and become her next Creep-Fucker....

New and Upcoming Pornstar 6pence Andel in her first
Porn Production with Eros Plutonian. 6pence comes in to
inquire about a position available as a dancer and gets
more then she bargains for when Eros begins to test her

Welcome Travis Doulton to the porn industry as he
steams things up with CeCe Luminos in a warm tropical
climate leaving one releasing honey and the other
wearing it lol.