Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day with Pasquale Foden-Pas Foden XXX Hardcore Productions

It Was a great afternoon being able to get together with retired Porn Director
Pasquale Foden of Pas Foden XX Hardcore Productions. Pasquale is an avid watcher
of porn machinima and while he's no longer in the game he still takes a peek of the latest
productions out there.

I liked the direction Pasquale took in his own work. The ideas he presented were creative
and not your usual what I Call, Vanilla Porn. Paquale recently became a fan of my work and
we decided to get together to perhaps collaborate on some future projects he never got to.
The connection between us was great. He pitched me an idea and I was able to run with it in
so many different ways. And it was just 1 Idea. Not easy to do when you don't have the proper
creative minds around you :) but when you have someone just as creative as yourself it could make for some excellent masterpieces.

Pas and I will be working closely on some more ideas he wanted to bring into the screen and he's
going to leave it all up to me to present them. Men, always want you to do the work lol..

To see some of Pasquales' work or what he's up to feel free to look into his blog

On a different note It has been a busy month for me in RL with issues that needed attending. However, I have several projects that I will be bringing forth. So Yes I'm still in the game and will continue to bring you pieces of work with great new actors i'm sure you'll enjoy...

Stay Tuned.
CeCe Luminos.